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Google Glass Explorer v2 Live Unboxing Review – Brought to you By TagsForCells


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Google Glass v2 Explorer Edition Unboxing and Review by a First Time User.

Google let Previous Google Glass Explorers invite 3 new members into the Glass Explorer Program. I still had to buy the Google Glass of course. Now just a few days after getting the invite to buy, I have received it via Next Day Shipping.

Now I will be sharing my unboxing of Google Glass with the world via Google Hangouts.

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  1. I just don't see justifying such a big expense for glass, And is it going to be like apple with a new glass every 4 months? I think  this is still 5 year out before it becomes advanced enough for everyday use. Not only that you would be crazy to go out in public with your Glass on. Lots of people got robbed and shot if not killed for a 100 dollar ipod. Imagine what happens if people start wearing hi tech glasses in public, Right now this is nothing more then a expensive toy. Will it become as popular as the smart phone? Maybe in 10 years, but price has got to come way down. Curious how much of a markup google glass has 60%?

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