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Google My Business – Get Reviews in 2019 That Stick


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I love reviews.

They make people feel good and warm inside.

The give trust to your business.

Reviews are like oxygen for a business.

In this video I show you can get your customers to drool over your services.

Google My Business optimization is a 2019 trend that is worth paying attention to and doing your part in optimizing your business.

There is a land grab happening right now of people getting on the bandwagon to optimize their Google My Business listing.

The GMB listing is one of the top pieces of information that shows up in Google when a Google searcher searches for a local business.

This is where the 5 star reviews come into play.

You will GET the call if your business has more 5 star reviews on Google than your competitor and you are within the top 3 search results for your target keyword.

I talk about a service that allows you to purchase reviews. This is the best service I have used so far.

This is just one part of Google My Business seo strategy.

There are a lot more optimization tactics to discuss and we will discuss them in later videos, but for now this is the way you set yourself up differently from other local businesses in your area and win the customer every time.

Now go and take action!

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  1. Thanks Denis – is there any risk buying reviews – can Google clamp down on this? Cheers Steve

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