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Google My Business Page for Small and Local Businesses


Louisa Chan show how small and local businesses can benefit from having their “Google My Business” page set up. [http://bit.ly/14sjdBl]

Fact 1. 63% use multiple devices to find a local business; 79% of these are mobile users.
Fact 2. 80% of local searches on mobile phones convert to purchase.

Q1. Is your local business showing up on the map?
Q2: What are you doing to get ready?

More info at http://LouisaChan.com/market-online-google-my-business/

Google My Business is a page that is part of Google Plus, which is part of the Google ecosystem. If you want to show up on Google searches, then Google My Business is an asset local businesses can claim so they show up on

A. Google searches
B. Google Map searches and
C. Google Plus searches.

Not bad for one set up. But it is takes more than just claiming a page to show up on searches, of course. In the video, I refer to these as the following efforts.

A. Localize (Claim or set it up)
B. Optimize
C. Socialize

This Google My Business Page is free for local businesses (businesses with a local presence, with a store front, a physical location) to use so they can tap into visitors who are on the go and probably using mobile devices.

An Additional Online Identity
For small businesses, showing up with an additional online identity is a plus. This will help drive foot traffic to the store.

Nearly “80% of local searches on mobile devices turned into purchases” (Source: Search Engine Land)

And “restaurants remained the single largest or most common local search category except on tablets.” (Source: Search Engine Land)

Catches Attention
In the video, you can see that Google My Business shows photos and star reviews of the local businesses; these catches the eye and can help the business stand out from the normal searches.

Those with star reviews and more reviews will get clicked more, naturally and if you have a Google+ Page (as seen in 0:20 and specifically at 0:27), you are further extending your invitation to prospects and visitors to check out your store.

Local Events and Happenings
Another thing for local businesses to note is that they can easily tap into increase visitors because of local events. For example if you have an international exhibition or a commonwealth games or a world ski championship happening (as is the case shows in the video), you’ll want to get your business page ready and in time to show up to a definite increase search traffic.

In this video, the example used is of local businesses who see the importance of showing up on Google Map. They are ready for visitors coming to the World Ski Championship happening at Vail/Beaker Creek 2015. #EagleCO, #Vail2015

Here’s What You Can Do
If you own or run a local business, then it is crucial that you claim and optimize your local business and then use that to engage with prospects, visitors and clients. Respond to reviews, talk to clients and show they what’s happening at your store,

For those in Eagle Town, Colorado,showing up on searches to the the influx of international visitors coming to the Vail 2015 FIS world ski Championship will increase their chance of having more business.

These opportunistic businesses know that visitors from the events which take place in the vicinity may well visit nearby towns for food, drinks, souvenirs etc. Setting up the local page allows these restaurants, cafes, salons or jewelry shops to showcase their services and products to people new to the place.

Get More details
For more information on how small and local businesses can benefit from this Google plus page you can visit the post here at http://www.louisachan.com/market-online-google-my-business/

More Google Plus tips areat http://LouisaChan.com

Who’s Louisa Chan
Louisa Chan is a certified marketing coach in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia who works with coaches, trainers, teachers, tutors and small business owners who want to start their own authentic heart-centered online businesses. She works with her team to provide marketing services to independent professionals and small businesses.

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