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Google+ Neighborhood: See Opinions from your friends


Understand far more: http://google.com/+/learnmore/nearby

Find out good areas by means of opinions and photos from folks in your Circles. By introducing your friends, spouse and children and experts to your circles, you’ll see nearby recommendations from folks you belief in Look for, Maps and Google+. When you search on Google for a area to go, the views you price are easy to come across.

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  1. I have a feeling Google will commit to this. You just need to get beyond that threshold of users before everyone starts using it, and if Google pumps out sweet gadgets like those glasses they're talking about, then it's going to happen.

  2. I hope to achieve it. My life would be better if google controled it yeras before

  3. Well, ok guys. I accept my failure. I shouldn't speak for everyone. Yes it, works. But in the middle of nowhere, where i live, Maps are made very crappy.
    It's like Siri. Everyone can use that, but fully only in US (Plus some other countries? I don't follow these).

  4. Wow, another desperate move from Google to prop up products that people obviously don't want.

  5. its worldwide… im in indonesia and its working good. except you in north korea or russia…..

  6. Yes, in Russia 🙂 It works, but really useless right now. There is literally nothing. One hotel, one bar and 14 "restaurants". That's ridiculous. Anyway, i live in wrong country, i get it 🙂

  7. haha no offense, you dont live in the wrong country, russia is cool to. cool landscape and building 😀

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