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Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL review


Are the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL the Android phones Google’s most dedicated fans have been waiting for? Watch our Pixel 2 review to find out.

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  1. Both phones are a piece of shit. I can't believe that this is Google's best effort? There are so many things wrong with these phones that we all know are wrong, but for some reasons Google did? I mean this is the company that makes Android software, and they can't figure out how to make a excellent phone? The way they focus on the camera, I suggest to stop making phones and start making camera, they seem to be excited about that. Of course, in some ways it isn't too surprising. I mean ask someone who spent $1,500.00 on Google Glass and see what they think of Google's designing ability?

  2. A lot of people think Pixel is the first phone to do the portrait mode selfie thing, but that's definitely been a feature of galaxy phones since at least the s7.

  3. what about the screen brightness, i hear is very bad resolution and some spots and null, and screen resolution looks like those cheap cellphones .

  4. How long does the phone take to get a full charge? that will be the deciding factor on if i get it or not

  5. Can you compare the first gen with the second gen pixel XL. I am curious if you put them side by side how much improvement will you actually see. Camera test as well.

  6. Please get over the bezels, get over the bad screen which makes the phone look like a cheap phone from 2014. Please get over the no wireless charging, please get over the no head phone jack and please get over the price.

    Thats pretty what every crazy google fanboy will tell you. There is no difference between them and Apple fanboys. Both are sheep. The only two good things about this phone is the front speakers and the camera and both are not enough reasons to pay a premium price when the screen is that bad

  7. How much of the color shift issues I read about is due to Polarized screen? I would love it if screen is still clearly visible through Polarized glasses. My motorcycle helmet has a Polarized visor so a real pain that I can't see my mobiles while riding, e.g using the GPS

  8. Blue Tint Screen is awful!!! Mine would not transfer IPhone data – and no USB compatible cable to transfer data from computer — A Major Fail!

  9. For 2017 either buy a V30, Note 8, or iPhone X if you like Apple.

    Duh what? Try saying "Okay Google .. Open Camera" I'm amazed sometimes. Google Pixel 2 is an abysmal failure of a phone. On any Android download the Pixel 2 Camera App. Watch JerryRigEverything and try telling me the Pixel 2 is a good phone .. Add to that it's stripped down.

  10. I really need a new phone, and really wanted the Pixel 2 XL. But that screen is a deal breaker, it's so bad. Not sure what I'm going to do, because that phone needs a recall on that screen.

  11. Give me a pixel 2 XL that costs 100$ less and that has a solid screen.. Everybody will buy that phone!

  12. Make a Galaxy Note 8 running the Pixel 2’s software and you have a nearly perfect Android phone. At least as close as you can get to perfect in today’s market.

  13. I've had the pixel xl 2 4 of them and all of them had this grainy display the blue tint you get use to but the graininess is so bad on it I returned 4 pixel xl 2 gave up on it love the phone but for that much money I couldn't see keeping it I'm getting the smaller one don't care about the bezels it's still a nice phone and does what I need it to do

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