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Google Pixel and Pixel XL: Evaluation


Absolutely everyone else building Android phones must be a small apprehensive:

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  1. Coming from a pure android background, if I were to choose Pixel or iPhone7 I would choose the latter.

  2. Shame on Google to release their pixel without water resistance especially that their phone released after the two big phones Samsung s7 and Iphone 7 both water resistance and pixel came after but without water resistance???? and they expect people to buy it!

  3. The feature very few acknowledge as a massive one… that this is probably the first android phone which actually is as smooth as an iphone. As a hardened android user, it is painful to say, but even my note 7 isnt as smooth as an iphone… my 6p wasnt either.

  4. will the google pixel age the same as other androids? i was gonna get an iphone, but i might try this, but i dont want it to lose power after year of playing games on it or youtube.

  5. I've noticed on the Verizon version, the weather widget on the home screen is replaces by the time and date instead and also Verizon removed Google WiFi Assistant

  6. These comments are giving me cancer. If you don't like it don't buy it however they will sell many phones. Google is having a hard time keeping these in stock at the rate they are being bought out. Honestly I like the design and think this phone offers a lot compared to other flagships. Camera is top notch besting the earlier flagships. For a pure Android experience, this is the best phone to get. You can always customize it to make it pop more like other phones.

  7. At some point people will wise up and stop paying $700 for a phone. If you have $700 and you are looking for great pics buy a DSLR. Stick to $400 or less people. 6P is amazing

  8. awkward door stopper-inspired design, awkward asymmetric antenna lines (hello, OCD people), a button-less chin that can land a helicopter, bezels from 2010, plastic painted fingerprint scanner, no waterproofing, no image stabilization for the camera, and… 0.02 cent cloth-made earpiece… Brilliant! I think we know all we need to know about this HTC phone. No wonder they are basically bankrupt.

  9. Could you do a battery charging test video? I'd like to know if it really charges entirely in 15 minutes.

  10. Why don't understand why it has on screen buttons. You cannot change the size of them. They are too big. For a phone of this price you should be able to at least adjust the size or be able to have off screen buttons. The phone also looks really boring. what's with that horrible plain pointless bottom?

  11. This Google unit will need to cost about $400 for this level of quality if Google wants to control the world this year.
    Then again, competition is very good.
    Thanks Google, Get it to a nice low price by Christmas and knock every other competitor
    off the map, just for the hell of it, get us all paying you a bit of money, control world finances then
    give it away.

    Duo is Fast and works great but not used because it lacks Allo's features and an SMS integration.

    Seriously is Apple still there?
    Apple works in China, Is that why?

  12. if it's not android or apple you might as well not even get it in my opinion. This phone is very average. It will glitch and be slow more than anything

  13. why you don't you better talk about what you like and what you don't like about Google Pixel? be real and give a real review, this is a phone that looks like iphone with a horrible back, with a bored stock android OS, that isn't waterproof but the worst part.. it's a very high price tax phone

  14. For people saying reviewers are too light on Google for any flaws, remember this is Google's first phone… ever… perfection is not expected in a first try. people pick at apples tiny problems because apple has had sooo many years to get it right

  15. Why did they opt out of front facing speakers. Instead the Pixel has a huge chin for no reason

  16. The next iteration of these phones will be better. It will have waterproof coating and will be worth the price

  17. why the fuck does the black version look like a white phone with cheap black paint over the front bezels? you can still see white it's odd

    also all of the missing features on a phone that can cost up to a thousand dollars in the US is fucking ridiculous

  18. I need help:Should I get the ,,notmal'' Pixel or is the extra money for the XL worth it? And also: Do I need 128 GB or are 32 just enough?

  19. better then the iPhone 7 is that why IV got both and taken them both to my local shop and showed people the difference and they said the iPhone is better

  20. I planned on getting a Google Pixel, went to the phone store and the guy said, "Every single Pixel that was sold was returned because it dropped calls." Not trying to bring hate but that is what the phone store guy said

  21. Quick question to anyone owning the Pixel XL.

    Just got mine today from Amazon. I'm suspecting it's a refurbished (sold as new for ~$900 32GB).

    My question is this– for the glass panel on the back, does it look slightly off center on the fingerprint scanner? Like by maybe 1MM or so?

    Or is it just how the glass looks? With a case on, you don't notice, but when it's naked it looks a little off.


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