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Google Pixel C Review!


Is this the best Android tablet?

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  1. i'm so glad that you mentioned the screen problem when you press it down with your finger, a lot of people have been talking about this pixel c problem and some people said that they had their pixel c replaced and the problem still exist in the new unit.
    Do you have any problem with the keyboard? people mentioned about missing characters or multiple characters being shown on the screen as you type.

  2. SCREEN CLICKING! You're the man for including/noticing. Returned mine because it bothered me so much. Google pretty much ignored me!

  3. Hey man, this was a generally great video! Decent amounts of information, and it was well delivered. My biggest complaint about the video is the focus issues you had on numerous shots. Apart from that, I did enjoy the camera work. Keep it up though!

  4. 3:43 I liked that you showed the "throwing away your laptop" part by dumping your Macbook in the bin. Good review though.

  5. Can you elaborate on the keyboard aspect? you mentioned it was more comfortable, but you weren't exactly typing on it like you would on a regular keyboard. It also looked like your left hand was not aligned. Is the keyboard too small for you or is that just how you type?

  6. I'm up in arms about buying this tablet, the sony xperia z4 and the ipad air 2.. they each have their perks and thier cons.. ive been researching them for a couple weeks now.. still cant make a decision. I'll mostly be using it for watching videos.. in my car.. while i wait to pick up my girlfriend from work. most of the time, the sun is still out, so i care about glare. I know the z4 sucks with glare. battery life is great though. also I have a ps4..so remote play. idk what to go with. I

  7. I am using this tablet since it came out and I don't use my windows laptop any more. I love it. Also Android N runs very smooth.

  8. Nice video! Since Google brought the Play Store to Chrome OS I'm hoping this years Pixel C runs Chrome OS. If that's the case I'll definitely trade in my Chromebook to pick up one of these. Also, this might just be me but i would have preferred it if the text showing of the specs were a solid color as opposed to changing with the background shot. Thanks!

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