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Google Pixel Evaluation: Most effective Android Smartphone On The Market | CNBC


Joanna Stern, Wall Avenue Journal Columnist, and Edward Baig, Usa Today Columnist, give their views on Google’s smartphone, the Pixel.
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Google Pixel Evaluation: Most effective Android Smartphone On The Market | CNBC


  1. Apple will never allow iMessage to go to Android because they know that is the only unanswered solution to switching from an iPhone to Android. "All of my friends and family have and use iMessage. That's why I got an iPhone." Is the main reason why people don't switch now.

  2. (dis-claimer: I think apple and google are behemoths that are stifling true creativity)

    So let me get this straight? Google creates a phone that is virtually the same phone as the i-phone and you hail it as the best phone?

    Reviews like this are one more reason that Original ideas and Original Content are so hard to find. FRAUDS reviewing other frauds to give fraudulent trends/statistics.

  3. I reported this video as a scam/fraud btw. I'm sure it won't make a difference but that is my informed opinion.

  4. You guys have no idea what you're talking about. Please don't. You're embarrassing yourself. This report is, "Oh yeah, this phone is good. I'm not going to tell you what makes it good. Just that it's good, which is a completely unmeasurable statement. So go with that."

  5. It sucks to see people stuck with and Apple device just because of iMessage, or Apple Music. There is Allo/Duo, and Apple music on Android which help with crossing over.. Wish people would just buy the better phone which is better all around for them. But, eventually..

  6. use google allo or hangouts to communicate online text message across platform! you guys are stupid.

  7. Don't they know about the adapter that comes in every box? It literally transfers iMessages to your Pixel.

  8. Hardly anybody I know on iPhones and iPads use iMessage. Internationally they use WhatsAp and domestically they use Hangouts for the unlimited free calls to/from 10-digit # and universal SMS/MMS over WIFI or LTE.

  9. It's good because it looks like iPhone……………………………………………

    Please don't talk about tech.

  10. very intuitive comments wow.
    Joke to me
    iPhones is for simple users
    nothing huge they just coming out now with some features that are a little interesting.
    as a former iPhone user
    Non bias I think the unlimited photos storage and how fluidly the phone is might be turning iPhone users into android because of the simplicity of the phone itself. Like I said the pixel is almost as close to an iPhone platform as have had that I can remember from an Android perspective.
    And I like all these phones evolution.

  11. it's like a ticking time bomb in my head watching and listening to them, please don't talk about tech.

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