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Google Pixel XL 3 Months Later | Long term Review!


Google Pixel XL Months Later | Long term Review!

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The Google Pixel and Pixel Xl were announced back in November of 2016. I received mine about a week after launch and have been using the Pixel Xl as my daily driver ever since. With a phone like this I did not think a mere week would be enough time to really grasp what the Pixel XL is truly all about.

With a stacked spec sheet, and the latest and greatest over the air software updates from Google, the Pixel and Pixel XL are phones in a class of their own. It will be months if not a year for some phones to catch up to the pixel when it comes to updates. I do not necessarily like this but hey, Google is the creator of android so it is theirs to do with as they please.

A long term review is something that I have always found to be the most beneficial as a consumer. After 3 months I have been truly loving the experience I have been getting with my Pixel Xl. So join me as we break down what I would call the “must have android phone”. Google Pixel Xl 3 months later, a long term review!

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  1. Completely on board with all your conclusions. The Pixel XL is the best phone I've owned, and the only one that has held onto that "new phone" feel for this long. The battery optimization is just crazy, it just doesn't fail. Great info, great quality, instant sub 🙂

  2. Where is your Dbrand Skin ? Good YouTuber always showing their Dbrand Skin at the start ! (just kidding) really happy to don't see that commercial here.

  3. Great review but I disagree about the pixel just having no flaws it has many it is a bare bones basically featureless phone. My girl has it I have the LG 20 and in the Camera comparisons mine in manual mode takes pics the pixel couldn't touch. The pixel is like the Galaxy phones with the amoled screen making pics look better than they actually are . It's the screen not the pic a lot of times making it look good. My v20 is miles ahead of this thing other than in auto its still close then in good sunlight I like my v20 pics in auto better. And lowlights the v20 is awesome just turn off HDr and it's the best I've seen in lowlights. And in manual mode it isn't even fair to compare anything out to the LG flagship because it has the most expansive manual mode rivaling dslr in some cases. So great review I just don't understand why no one ever says anything bad about the pixel. It's a great phone a solid camera but not the best because it only does auto I just wish it would be pointed out in some reviews that this thing isn't perfect.

  4. just realized I miss spoke, it's 0 to 60% battery in 40 minutes. I will add an overlay to address this!

  5. I have pixel xl and it doesn't go from zero to 100 in 40mins.. It takes around 2hrz for full charge.. Dont missinform!

  6. takes about an hour and half to fully charge from 3%, and that's good for a battery this size. But, that battery life tho! My wife and son have the Nexus 6P on nougat 7.0 and while they go for their second charge, I still have plenty of battery life left. I only charge once a day. Everything is so silky and fluid on this phone. And that camera??? I stopped by Warby Parker last night and showed them a pic of the eye glasses that I took when my friend came over a couple of weeks ago. The guy out of nowhere was like "I don't know if we have that model left, but that's an amazing pic!!!" When I showed him the phone, he was like "Is that the Pixel ???"?????

  7. Agree with ur points ! I feel that benchmark tests are just numbers , real power is in software ! Nice video but still confused between IPhone 7 and PIXEL!

  8. Can I please ask you something, I use a "magnetic" phone holder in my car. Circular steel on back of phone, magnet holder in car vent. How do people use a phone holder like mine with the finger print sensor on the back. Like if I was driving and wanted to open google maps without the finger print sensor on the front HOW would I turn phone on without taking it off the holder which would be a pain. Any help here???

  9. Kirk thankyou for ace review. 2 mundane questions please. Upgrading from Note 4 to the XL version pixel, a) does the android support WHATSAPP on Pixel and b) I use the keyboard a hell of a lot each day. How did you find the Pixel KEYBOARD, for long bouts of typing? Thanks again.

  10. Hello. I may not be a big youtuber or anything, but I know a thing or two about video. You are truly a natural! You commentate well.
    The one flaw that is holding you back would be the Thumbnail and font used in your videos. These things are minor but the small things are what adds up.

    Use a lighter, more simplistic font. It would suit your style.

    Thank you so much if you have read this. You are an incredible youtuber who will be big some day.
    Mark my words. Just remember subscribers aren't the only mark of success youtubers can obtain.

    Stay positive,
    Aditya Singh

  11. watching this on march lol college is taking so much time!! i still love the pixel but i have some other choices above on my tops list

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