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Google Places Reviews – 6 Easy Steps To Get Google Places Reviews In Less Than Two Minutes


http://www.AccelerateYourMarketing.com Google places reviews. Google places reviews are critical to get if your a local business. When you have the five stars show up under your google places page results on google then you will be set apart from your competition locally. This video shows you how to get reviews from your customers in 6 easy steps.

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  1. Ryan, you realize that having the customers leave reviews in store would actually bias their reviews, right? Plus, you know that many websites have very strict policy against incentivizing reviews? This includes Yelp, Trip Advisor, Citysearch, Avvo, etc. Recently there was a very interesting discussion on if Google allows these and according to them they do not have a specific rule against that, but they definitely do not recommend or support such activity.

  2. @Nyagoslav I hear what your saying regarding the fact that if a client leaves a review in the store they might be biased, however, I don't think there is any problem with a client leaving a review at the moment they are in the store if they are truly happy with the experience they had. The point of this video was to give business owners a way to capture that review at the moment the client is happy in the store. and yes I am aware that some website have a strict policy against incentivizing re

  3. @Nyagoslav I said in the video that some of my clients give coupons… 🙂 you notice I didn't recommend that every client do that and that as of right now incentives for reviews is not against Google's terms of service for google places and this is a video specifically about how to get reviews quickly and easily specifically for google places… 🙂 and btw there is talk that Google is going to be putting kiosks in business owners stores in order to get them to leave reviews. 🙂

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