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Video for clients who NEED Google Places and Google Plus expert help – Google made a very serious change to Google Places and HOW businesses will be ranked in searches [desktop AND Mobile]

“When Google Plus and Google Plus Pages for business were introduced a little less than a year ago many people in the local
search arena began anticipating the day when Google would merge or integrate Google Places and Google Plus Pages.
Well, today is that day.”

Here’s a brief overview of what’s new and what’s changing:

The substitution of the new Google Plus Local pages (as mentioned) for Google Places pages
The appearance of a “Local” tab within Google+
The integration and free availability of Zagat reviews (its entire archive across categories)
The integration of Google+ Local pages across Google properties (search, Maps, mobile)
Integration of a circles filter to find reviews/recommendations from friends/family/colleagues

Google Places pages have been entirely replaced by new Google Plus Local pages. As of this morning roughly 80 million Google Place pages worldwide have been automatically converted into 80 million Google Plus Local pages, according to Google’s Marissa Mayer. It’s a dramatic change (for the better) though it will undoubtedly disorient some users and business owners. Business owners are effectively being dropped into the social fray with more customer-interaction potential but also greater demands to learn how to use Google+ to their full advantage. Those who do will be rewarded. There’s a ton of SEO potential here. Most notably, unlike Google Places pages, these new Google Plus Local pages will be indexed. Business owners will probably have a somewhat more difficult transition than consumers, as they’re compelled now to pay attention to Google+ — in a big way. They now ignore Google Plus at their own peril.

This is a VERY serious update and will directly impact who comes up, when & where [most notably on Smartphones]- Your business may have been listed #1 yesterday – BUT not today……


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