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Google Plus Local For Smart Attorneys?


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You betcha! In short, Google Plus Local is a phenomenal opportunity for attorneys to engage the social side of Google’s search engine and increase engagement on the Google Plus network. You have probably already noticed that your Google Places page is gone, and converted to a Google Plus Local page.

To date, somewhere around 100 million pages have been converted, and you didn’t need to re-create an account to make the conversion. If your law firm plus page has not been merged over to Google Plus, then it is coming in the near future.

The new soxial twist provides targeted engagement for lawyers to engage with prospective clients on their terms, while your practice dictates the flow of communication. All parties are likely to communicate in this more comfortable arena. Just be sure your messaging is valuable and fast.

Attorney reputation and reviews can really help; or hurt your legal brand. It’s also important to note, that Google will still allow you to manage your information (basic information, make updates, respond to reviews, etc) in your Google Places account for attorneys. This will still be your main platform or console for managing your information and how it appears to users.

If you are not managing a Google Plus page for your law practice or organization, it should be considered. Even though users, and active users, fall well short of Facebook, the recent changes to Google Plus Local and the ability for users to give their opinions on services and share reviews, makes it increasingly important for attorneys to monitor these reviews and feedback.

By getting in early, you will discover different ways to capture targeted leads, drive more revenue and secure the hard earned legal reputation mangement platform you’ve spent years to establish. Call us today for a no obligation consultation on how to leverage this soon to be dominant tool set from the Big G. Call Now: 1-424-653-6073 and visit: http://ESQROI.com

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