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Google Plus Local vs Google Places | Google+ Local Page review


Are you confused by the new Google Plus local? Learn more about the transformation of Google Places to Google+ Local and how the new Google Plus local pages can help your online business. http://raybriant.com/google-plus-local-review/

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  1. @horsevet, yes that is correct. A new 3 system rating system is in place for non zagat industries. I think they should have kept a 5 star system because 5 star is widely recognized as the best rating for other industries and receiving a 3 rating might give a visitor a less significant impression. Just my 2 cents.

  2. Hi,
    Sir my Name is Hassa and i want to ask ak question. in new google places account how can i make my business info on google maps, i already applied for it by postcard but google haven't send me the postcard till now itss been 1 month i have applied. is this a final way to put my business on maps or either another easy way? please help me in this regard.

  3. @Rak I would be happy to help you. there are many questions that I would need to know first. Send me your email address and I will send you you some information. Thanks, Ray

  4. hi there,
    I have a google places account. does this mean i need to make a seperate google plus account & get a seperate pin # from google? or do i use the same pin# i received for my google places account? i am also struggling to get into the top 10 google maps place…my website is caledonianinnportfairy. com. au & dirtyangelwebdesign. com. au any help would be appreciated !

  5. Hi Ray, this maybe unusual question to you but I'm designing websites for my clients and none of them has any technical know-how, since I'm working for their sites add them to Google Places and Google+ for Business, should I use my own Google account to create one or use theirs? I noticed that Google+ has Pages feature to manage the account. thanks

  6. I try to always use the clients information. If they are not tech savy I ask them to "share" a gmail account with my client by creating a gmail account based around their industry. This way you can confirm the email verifications from your citation accounts. Keep me posted Lee on how it works out for you. Thanks for the comment. ~Ray

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