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3 Mistakes You Make On Google Reviews of Your Business

Let’s talk google reviews of your business – specifically, the mistakes you’re making. This is a HUGE topic – maybe one of the most important topics as we move into a new year.

The first and biggest mistake I see people make is not ASKING for Google reviews of your business.

Ask for Google reviews at every turn: in person at the end of the project, in the email you send with your invoice, in the follow-up or reminder email or phone call, or just added to the signature of your e-mail – so every time you communicate with that client, they’re reminded to review you.

The second mistake you make on Google reviews of your business: not replying to every single good review you get.

Maybe they just left 5 stars with no comment. You aren’t off the hook. Respond with a meaningful response (and why “thank you” isn’t enough).

The third mistake might be the worst…

You fail to urgently reply to the BAD reviews.

Let’s say it’s 4pm on a Friday. You’ve already put out 50 fires that day – and probably 500 the whole week. You’re tired. You’re burnt out. You’re ready to call it quits, and DING – you get the notification on your phone.

1 star review.

A LONG explanation of why they are giving you a 1 star review (and it’s not nice).

The last thing you want to do is reply – and reading it probably makes you mad, defensive, annoyed.

It is a “two sides to every story” situation, and your first reaction is to click.click.click – defend your company and explain publicly why this review isn’t correct.


Take a deep breath – maybe two. Shake off the defensiveness and think with empathy.

Put yourself in their positions. Understand that they, too, have probably had a rough week – and in this moment, they are mad at you and your company, and they are taking their frustrations out with a 1 star google review.

What’s the right way to respond? Just say sorry? Not defend yourself?

Maybe you’ll just save it for Monday.

Watch the rest of this video for my tips on handling a BAD google review of your business correctly.


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  1. Solid advice. Google reviews have been huge for me. I've been getting leads all year without paying for advertising, and many of them tell me they contacted me specifically because of the reviews, which makes it way easier to sell to them as well as to charge top dollar 👌

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