Home Google Review “Google Sniper Review” by @NoMoreBSReviews.com | The Google Sniper Scam by George Brown

“Google Sniper Review” by @NoMoreBSReviews.com | The Google Sniper Scam by George Brown


“Google Sniper Review” by @NoMoreBSReviews.com | The Google Sniper Scam by George Brown
►Full review at: http://nomorebsreviews.com/negative-reviews/google-sniper-review/


Google Sniper by George Brown was somewhat effective at some point in time, but now it is WAY past it’s prime. Due to the latest updates to Google’s search algorithms (particularly Penguin 2.0) these methods will actually get your website PENALIZED over time, so it’s more than a problem with these methods being ineffective and out-of-date; they’ll actually harm your internet business.

If you look past that problem, there’s the issue that George Brown promises a very easy to setup, kind of “automated” system once you get it up and running but the core of the product is really just a bunch of videos on out-of-date SEO techniques which took A LOT of time even when they were semi-effective practices.

So should you by Google Sniper? Well, if it’s not clear by this brief description, watch the video review above for all of the dirty details.

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  1. Thanks Dude u was almost 10 clicks away from slipping into the bs n then I rememberEd your tube channel, thanks Bro

  2. Hey can you please please review The Inbox blueprint by Anik Singhal??? It was launched some months back and is going to be launched again soon…in some days.

  3. thank you so much for your review on Sniper 🙂 I personally spent my money on it a few months ago and what i got has nothing to do with the actual product. ALSO THIS GEORGE BROWN GUY CLAIMS THERE IS A WEBINAR ONCE A WEEK AND IT'S JUST RECORDED FROM PREVIOUS WEBINARS TO TRY TO SELL YOU NEW PRODUCTS. dont waste your time and money… cheers x

  4. so the only two companies I saw so far on your website that you approve number is WA, the other 85/100 approval Chris Farrell what about other companies? are their any others you approve? Thank you

  5. Thank you for info, I've just wasted my time watch Google sniper intro video on there sale page and now know its a scam!

  6. I've seen that this system was updated for 2014, have you revisited the program? What do you think of it now seeing this video was published mid-2013?

  7. This review is the biggest load of bull sh1t I've ever come across. I've just purchased Google Sniper and it's great. There is literally tons of useful information in the course. You can tell straight off it's worth the money. The program is only $49 and it teaches you how to earn an extra income, what else could you ask for ? It's not like we're talking $1000's for the program lol. Yes, I agree there's a lot more to it than what is made out, but this is actually a VERY GOOD thing – after all if it was totally brain dead simple then everyone would be doing it.

    I'd pay $49 just for the information in the course alone, even if I wasn't earning money from it directly. I'm on page 58/108 of the main pdf and so far I've learn't tons of great information.

  8. Great info! I was really thinking to give the system a try but now my mind has changed. 

    Would low if you could do HTA (High Traffic Academy – Vick S.) review. Could you?

  9. Sure this guys slams sniper why because he wants you to but their product it's called 
     "Wealth Affiliate" they provide " free training " to a point and when you trail runs out they charge an on going 47.00 monthly fee , I am not saying Gsniper is perfect but I feel 47 bucks a month is asking a lot .

  10. Thanks for such a great review. Have you done one on Bring the Fresh? If not, & you've tried it, what is your opinion of it? Thanks in advance.

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