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I fully have powder on my cheek from a powdered donut. I am not even likely to deny it.

Amulet: The Stonekeeper

Explorer: The Thriller Containers

By the Woods

In Genuine Everyday living

Anya’s Ghost



The Gigantic Beard that was Evil

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  1. I just tossed Amulet on my wishlist because it sounds awesome. And I did love Spiderwick Chronicles and I've had my eye on Through the Woods for a while, but I think I'm gonna wait until October to read it since I'm only reading horror lit for the whole month. 🙂

  2. Amulet is really beautiful. I just completed Locke & Key which absolutely blew my mind. So excellent – but definitely scary. Also, it's probably obvious, but Neil Gaiman's Sandman series is transcendent.

  3. Explorer looks/sounds so interesting.
    This month I read Bayou by Jeremy Love, and I think it might be the most beautifully illustrated and haunting/creepy graphic novel. The two volumes were amazing.

  4. I absolutely love Nimona! I was surprised at how amazing the story ended up being. I also really liked Anya's Ghost (:

  5. I checked out Through The Woods from the library a while ago and I couldn't even get through the last few stories. I actually got to the point where I just got super uncomfortable even having it in my house and took it back right away. If you are into that kind of thing it definitely messes with your mind! but I totally agree that, if you can (my library doesn't have the best selection), getting them from the library before you invest is a good idea!

  6. Also, pretty much every one you mentioned was already on my Amazon wish list but it's cool to have a video with descriptions all in one place! now I can come back to this when I want a reminder and what to see which one I should pick up next! 😀

  7. Explorer's honestly sounds exactly like a NAPLAN thing we had to do (if you don't know what that is- its' a standardized testing method in Australia- part of it is being given something to write about)

  8. Go read Cory Doctorow, seriously, especially if your at all interested in encryption and privacy, and even if you aren't. I recommend Pirate Cinema, Little Brother and Homeland first.

  9. UGHHHHH YEESSS! Where was this video a week ago when I was looking for a graphic novel rec list for my book buying binge. Ah well, next time!! Got me some good New 52 at least

  10. I enjoyed reading amulet, most of those graphic novels i want to read! have you read gotham academy? seen some good reviews for it, cant wait to read it.

  11. I've read all of these yay! If you like amulet you should read flight. Also try persophelis (spelled that wrong), American born Chinese, Trees. Etc

  12. I loved Seconds!! But my favorite graphic "novel" (it's a memoir) by far is Blankets by Craig Thompson! You should totally check it out

  13. Great recommendations!! I also love, love, love Seconds 🙂 Bryan Lee O'Malley is one of my favs.

  14. I love when people take their time to actually show the art of the graphic novels other than just talk about the summary. Great recommendations, Jesse 😉

  15. I'm not a big graphic novel reader. Actually, I don't even think I've read a single graphic novel in my life. At least not that I remember. Thanks for the recommendations! I don't know when I'll be able to get to them all but if I ever want to, at least I know where to start. Although, I just heard that they're turning TMI into a graphic novel series (since I've already read the series) so I might try those.

  16. nimona, through the woods, and anya's ghost are already on my tbr pile but ill definitely be checking out the rest!! 🙂

  17. Definitely recommend the "Bone" series!! It's quirky and fun, but also has a really nice action packed and adventurous storyline.

  18. Definitely recommend the "Bone" series!! It's quirky and fun, but also has a really nice action packed and adventurous storyline.

  19. i liked the video because it you showed different graphic novels then the most usual i've seen,
    but i didn't exactly liked those ones
    still really nice of you picking them!

  20. You should check out the Island series! I really enjoy them! It's more of an adult graphic novel but I really enjoy the varying art styles as each volume contains different stories.

  21. Have you read the Hush Hush graphic novel? I would really like to know what people think about the book before I read it.

  22. Reccomedation: War brothers(very deep,made me cry) YA, Will & Whit YA, Wrinkle in time, Silver Six, and Ghostopilis

  23. Greatest Graphic Novels of all time

    10. Doom Patrol (Grant Morisson Version)
    9. Ghost World
    8. Black Hole
    7. Y: The Last Man
    6. V for Vendetta
    4. Hellboy
    3. The Dark Knight Returns
    2. Preacher
    1. Watchmen

  24. I just finished reading Anya's Ghost yesterday and it was so cute, funny and creepy XD So far it's one of my favorite graphic novels and I too highly recommend it ^_^

  25. I've only just hopped in the graphic novel band wagon and now i have to catch up with years worth of them

  26. Does anyone there is a difference between the hardcover and the paperback of this book. Please can anyone help. I like buy this book for my friend. I want to know before buying either one. Please and thank you.

  27. Does anyone there is a difference between the hardcover and the paperback of this book Anya ghost. Please can anyone help. I want to know before buying either one. Please and thank you.

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