Home Book Review Great Books for girls, pre teens and teens.

Great Books for girls, pre teens and teens.


In this video Lys shares the wonderful books she has read this year.

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  2. Love those books!! Hopefully I can pick up some for my teenage daughter 🙂 thanks for sharing! Happy homeschooling 🙂 🙂 subbed! Would you mind subscribing back? Thanks

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  4. Try, 'The Lighthouse cousins' – 'Adventure's on Gull Island' mystery adventure – pre teen, on Amazon.

  5. wonder and out of my mind. THE BEST BOOKS! i read this and am personaly a tween girl, but my teachers and mom loved these as well. If you see this comment then you should totally read them!

  6. I know this is really off topic but, has anyone ever told you that you really look like eleven from stranger things??

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