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Grouper: A Singles Online Dating Site Review


Online dating has always been viewed by the public as something that is to be done discreetly by a sole entity. It just was not meant to be done in groups. What happens, then, if a new online dating site which is an addition to the other free dating sites, tries to incorporate an innovative concept into the usual online dating world routine? Grouper, an online dating site, introduces group online dating to available singles. Is it for you to experiment?

In today’s modern technology wherein looking for love and pursuing a romantic relationship with someone can be done via an online medium, the need to secure your personal identity and to avoid online dating scams has escalated to a whole new level.

In order to aid the general population of hopeful singles all around, online dating website Grouper has introduced a viable option: setting up online dating with two of your most trusted companions.

What is Grouper?

Grouper is an online dating website that markets itself as a “social club” that pairs two groups of friends, with each group composed of three members. Grouper has a symbol of a fish as a representative of its company due to the belief that there are “always plenty of fish in the sea”.

How is Grouper different from other online dating sites?

Essentially, singles who sign up to avail of the services of Grouper need to apply by incorporating the social media platform of Facebook. Various skeptics have raised a valid point regarding this requirement’s security, to which Grouper has responded with nothing but a strong conviction for its security – using Grouper via Facebook is secure.

After applying via Facebook, singles would then need to pre-pay for their “first round”. This means that upon signing up, you would need to shell out cash in order for the match-finding process to commence. The cash that you will be handing out will be used by the dating site to do all the legwork for you. This requirement is once again criticized by free dating sites purists.

Legwork to be done by Grouper includes analyzing your compatibility with a candidate via your Facebook profile, matching you up with your potential soul mate, fixing the specifics of your date and informing you when and where your date will be.

You will only need to confirm to the date, grab two of your friends and meet the other group of three for your date.

Is Grouper recommended for singles looking for love via online dating?

Does the concept sound simplistic? Indeed, it is. However, as much as Grouper’s concept sounds simple enough, the implementation part of the process is not very recommended to a lot of eager singles.

The deal-making attributes that stopped a lot of singles from availing the services of Grouper are the inconsistent compatibility and exaggerated price. At the end of the day, no single wants to pay for a night to nurse an overpriced drink and stay with her awkward friends to chat with an unappealing candidate.

In a nutshell, Grouper is not a promising online dating addition to be recommended. You can experiment it for variety, but do not expect it to automatically orchestrate a magical dating experience for you.

By Jackson George

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