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Guide Review: The Downhill Lie by Carl Hiaasen


The Downhill Lie is my introduction to the writing of Carl Hiassen. My gorgeous and a great deal a lot more knowledgeable schoolteacher spouse is currently acquainted with his writing by his Newberry Award successful novel, Hoot.

Like lots of middle-aged dreamers, hoping that studying how to do a thing instead than actually accomplishing it might give me that illusive ‘onenness with the golfing universe’, I was browsing the sports part in a area bookstore and came across this seductive chronicle of a person in his fifties returning to golfing.

This intriguing dilemma hooked me: “What possesses a person to return in midlife to a game at which he’d never excelled in his primary, and which in point experienced dealt him mostly failure, angst and exasperation?” There was an speedy relationship that drew me inexorably into Carl Hiassen’s universe.

What is it about the game of golfing that would entice me to depart a perfectly comfortable recliner, properly-stocked refrigerator and local climate managed person cave to deal with the worries of a hot, bug infested golfing course that is impeccably groomed and perfectly designed to increase my danger of coronary heart attack, stroke and pre-meditated assault?

As soon as all over again, I identified with Hiassen when he writes: “Regrettably, the solitary most important point about golfing is as calming as a electronic prostate test: It’s difficult…

When I determined to reconnect with the game, I experienced no illusions about having seriously good at it. I just required to be better at a thing in middle age than I was when I was young”

Hiassen chronicles his 577 day foray into his return to the earth of golfing beginning with his buy of golf equipment: “Right after a couple of minutes of puzzled meandering, I confess that I have no strategy what variety of golf equipment to buy.

My plan while is to start cheap. Minimizing the investment in golfing gear ought to make it a lot easier not to acquire the game so very seriously, and if required, make it possible for for an honorable retreat.”

His return to golfing normally takes the reader on a chortle out load ride that concludes with a forty five-gap event which he describes as: “No lighthearted romp for a reclusive, neurotic, question-plagued duffer”. His golfing partner dismissed it as “A few of negative nines, that’s all” Which Hiassen responses, is like saying, “Will not permit an iceberg or two spoil the entire cruise.”

Hiassen summarizes the enticement of golfing in his entry of ‘day 577’ soon after the event is in excess of. He is seeing his son Quinn:

“But today is a stunning march morning, breezy and cloudless, and despite the clean wounds from the event, it feels all ideal to be standing in the sun on the follow assortment, just seeing.

For a second, I am a kid all over again… and I can recall specifically how fantastic it felt to pound one, seriously crush it, then peek back again to capture the glimpse on my Dad’s deal with.”

My biggest complaint about The Downhill Lie is that I seriously do have better factors to do but none of them as pleasurable as studying this e book.

By Steve McMurray

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