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Halloween 2 – Movie Review


Halloween 2 was a movie written and directed originally in 1981 by John Carpenter. Halloween 1 and 2 unfortunately were the only Halloween movies that were directed and written by Carpenter, and that is probably why they were the best!

The new movie didn't make much sense. Michael Myers was a human that left you wondering; that was what made you curious enough to research him and watch all of his movies. In the new Halloween, he is unmasked and he is eating animals. I did not like Malcolm McDowell as Dr. Loomis either. Maybe I'm just old fashioned, but I think Donald Pleasance was the best Dr. Loomis and furthermore, was irreplaceable. McDowell came off as arrogant in the new Halloween. In the originals, he was always the one suspecting and right about Michael.

The fact that Laurie lived with Sheriff Bracket and Annie was a bit expected, as well. Annie was played by Daniele Harris, who is known for her appearances in the 4th and 5th Halloween as Jamie Lloyd.

Annie was a good character. In this movie she played a sensitive friend that was trustworthy and devoted to helping her friend. In the original, Annie was a perverted young girl obsessed with her boyfriend. I prefer to watch the original and the original characters. The character that played Laurie Strode was put into a huge situation; afterall, not many people can fill the spot of Jamie Lee Curtis. I think Laurie was played very well.

I think the first fifteen minutes of this Halloween was excellent. My heart was pumping and I wouldn't take my eyes off the screen for a split second; after that, I wanted to leave the theater.

Michael Myers was played by a very huge man, who is a former professional wrestler, known as Tyler Mane. Tyler did a good job being big and scary, but the mask looked far to torn up. I did not like the hooded gangster look either. A conventional overalls with a white mask would have been much better.

The movie ended up leaving not much sense at all. Michael in the original movies heard a voice that turned him evil. In this movie, Michael was being visited by the ghost of his mother, who ironically played the character of a good woman with a rough life in the 2007 remake.

I think with a better director overall the movie could have been much better. Thankfully, Zombie will not be taking part in 3D.

By Will E Riggs

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