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Harley Davidson Sportster Iron 2016 Owners Review – Motonewbrider


This video is about Harley Davidson Sportster Iron 2016 Owners Review – Motonewbrider.

My first blog on my HD Iron 2016, initially the footage was over 20 minutes long so needed to edit quite a bit out. please feel free to ask questions!

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  1. Hey great videos, I just started riding a few months hoping to do DAS in the summer but was wondering if an iron 883 is too much for a first bike, I am learning on Gf YBR 125

  2. What number plate etc is that? Looks good! Is it road legal? Haha.In the market for an iron 883 myself and just gettin as much info as i ca. Cheers m/

  3. Awh Guildford! I'm just down the road in reading, picked up the iron last week and have already done 1200 miles ?

  4. A good point about insurance. It is an important factor when deciding to purchase a motorcycle that reviewers never mention. Here in the States, regardless of which insurance company you choose, expect to pay close to double that quoted amount if you get a speeding ticket. And that's with a good-to-excellent driving record.

    Also, I watched your other video where you mentioned that you''ll probably be buying a Dyna sometime next year. Is there much of a price difference (for insurance) between a Sportster and Dyna in the UK? I'm just curious.

    Enjoy your vids, keep them coming! Cheers

  5. Thanks for doing an owners review, apart from Shawn Smoak and Pete F. I have a 2015 iron which after 2500+ I love it except for the rear suspension and seat which was crap on the 2015 model. Now sorted seat, overall the handling is great and good fun down B roads as long as you remember what ground clearance you have, I have rode bike for over 20 years all sorts my insurance full comp was under £120 but I'm not a new rider and just over 40!
    Have you flip the mirrors as you can see naff all until you do?
    Great channel see if you can do a Street Bob Special an Iron on steroids ?

  6. Hi I was going through the specifications of the iron 883 and fatbob the iron 883 does not have ABS while the Fatbob has what you have to say about non availability of ABS in iron 883 hows the breaking?

  7. hey mate. great reviews BTW. now you own the iron and the 48 I'm looking at both currently, would you say the extra 2k is worth it for the 48?

  8. Great review on the iron 883 I love that bike.  I am a recent subscriber to your channel and just reviewing some of your older vlogs.  I think I am going to enjoy your channel.  If you have time and interested, I have a Christian motovlogging channel that I try to help people and have some fun in doing it.  I will be on the look out for your new vlogs.  Best to you!

  9. Can't agree with you more about the insurance mate. About 20 years ago, I used sell insurance. People just want to "buy it so they have it" and go the cheapest route, without realizing they ONLY have liability. I had people back then ACTIVELY ignore the details we tried to provide about their policy. Great video … great review, and yes … absolutely … "Ask specific questions about your insurance!"

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