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Harry Potter #4, #five, #six, #seven [Ramblings]


This was heading to be a evaluation of ebook #4-#seven of Harry Potter, but then it just turned into me rambling about how much I like the sequence and not definitely reviewing anything at all 🙂

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Book #4:
Book #five:
Book #six:
Book #seven:

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  1. Great Video! 🙂 I am also planning to re-read this series but I don´t know when it will happen because there are so many new things I want to read. I actually don´t know anyone who doesn´t hate Umbridge the most, I think the main reason for that is that all the other villains in the series don´t pretend to be nice 😀

  2. Kitty G, you gave the books all five stars, but how do you think you would rank the books from best to "worst"?
    I think I would go 2, 6, 4, 3, 1, 7, 5. Chamber of Secrets and Half-Blood Prince were my favorite because of the mysteries they presented. Order of the Phoenix was boring for long periods of time and Harry seemed to be yelling too much.

  3. OF COURSE you gave them all 5*s!! Goblet of Fire is my favourite of the series, I just love the Triwizard Tournament and how STROPPY Harry gets! xx

  4. Delores Umbridge is the best character to hate! Ugh, she's awful (and Imelda Staunton portrays that so well in the films, definitely one of the best actresses in the series imo)

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