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Harry Potter 5 and 6 REVIEW


My thoughts on Harry Potter 5 and 6


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  1. Bahahaha! I feel ya. I have a 2 year old and my room of requirement would be a sound proof room full of pillows. I have to Reread these. The first time I read them I sped through so I wouldn't get spoilers, but I need to read for enjoyment now. Hilarious review??

  2. completely agree with you bout Dolores Umbridge being one of the best depicted villain in the whole series and Oh My God you made me laugh so much about the Room of requirements!!! XD I had the same feelings you have about the Harry Potter character, I couldn't stand him and at the same time I couldn't help but love the books. That changed within time after I read the last book, which really is the best one in the storyline. ps. I'll be off topic but since you seem to like bad villain characters and much more complicated personalities, have you ever read Lionel Shriver's We need to talk about Kevin.? I'm quite sure you would adore that book, both mother and son. If you've never had the chance before, give it a try, it's terrific indeed (waaaay better than the movie rendition, despite the presence of the outstanding Tilda Swinton)

  3. Lol! Best Harry Potter review ever!
    (The Revenant is insanely awesome! I just started reading The book.)

  4. You should read the books to your children, my mom did when I was 8 and the memories of that reading time are just wonderful. But what a miracle you haven't been spoiled! Where you living under a rock? And Umbridge… I love her because I hate her so much!

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