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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Lost in Adaptation ~ The Dom


The Harry Potterathon continues with a look to see if the Chamber of Secrets stuck to the book any better than the first film.

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  1. I'm surprised you never brought up the greatly extended fight scene between Harry and the Basilisk. What was originally about half a page of the book was put into a great game of cat and mouse with Harry having to climb up the face of the statue being a really cool set-piece. Also when he killed Tom Riddle I liked how gaping holes appeared in Tom as Harry stabbed the book, giving some more weight to the scene. In the book, Harry stabs the journal and Tom disappears like a fart in the wind.

  2. There’s no way I’m the only person who found the Basilisk’s comments while getting attacked by Fawkes absolutely hilarious! 😂

  3. Didn't the film also leave out the scene of Hermine and her parents exchanging muggle money for wizard money?

  4. Kenneth Branagh was utterly hilarious in this movie; wish he could’ve cameo-ed in the 5th film since Lockhart shows up in the 5th book. But what we got in the 2nd film was all worth it.

  5. I think the Chris Columbus pacing issue was that he was constantly hounded by Rowling for what to keep in and what to exclude. I don’t know if this is true, but it sounds plausible with how much control she’s had over subsequent Potter property adaptations

  6. Changing bin was stupid, but I get changing pavement. Roads are paved, so saying a kid was in the road probably wasn’t a good idea for a children’s book.

  7. maybe it's in the pipeline but mr. noble, if these child actors suck more rather than less, whom would you suggest have played the roles? i'd say it was wise and fortunate the producers latched on to these youngsters who seem to have a rapport with each other at least and were able to keep it together to put out seven films… err, eight films [splitting deathly hallows in two a crass bit of commercialism]–but the books did get longer and more intricate and by their nature stage/film adaptations will have to leave stuff out – look at the attempts to present frank herbert's dune universe; if you really wish to be appalled look at what was done to phillip jose farmer's riverworld or nearly any work by phillip k. dick

    anyway, i think the films get it exact about 50%, and hit the important plot points about 88% – i think there's an air, at the last, those young actors were really ready to step away – and through it all no one had to explain why yoda sounds just like miss piggy

  8. Bringing up inaccurate spell effects after using a blue effect for Stupefy, a spell that's also noted to be red? For shame, good sir.

  9. I'll just say that you're extremely wrong about the sword comment. And I'm late, I know

  10. 6:30 The worst thing is they only think about closing the school at the last minute after Ginny gets taken into the Chamber.

  11. Another Dursleys part the film leaves out is that they not only put bars on Harry's window but barely feed him and keep him locked in his room and only let him out to go to the toilet. Petunia gives him some cold soup and Harry gives Hedwig the soggy vegetables in the soup.

  12. I remember watching all the Harry Potter movies and loving it then again I never read the books

  13. For some reason, I always thought that the sword was on the skimpy side due to it actually being Gryffindor's wand > medieval kickassery for all your longrange and gut-stabbing Combat needs, wizard-style.

  14. Hey all. Obviously a lot had changed since I made these reviews several years ago, both in my personal opinions and JK Rowling revealing her true transphobic colours. All I can ask is you please keep that in mind and disregard anything nice I say about her throughout along with any misguided defences I made of her writing choices.
    Especially the part about trying to justify her keeping Dumbledore in the closet. That was super dumb.

  15. Correction: Claymores and dedicated longswords, especially claymores, are more designed for the battlefield. A shorter sword would be easier to carry for the typical traveller. Though, for the prop to be fine for a child to use in the way it did in the film, it would need to be shorter. It would be difficult for Radcliff to maintain the pose of killing the basilisk for very long if they used an actual longsword.

  16. I'm surprised no one else has made a joke about Hermione getting catted being the birthplace of many many furries.

  17. Funny how the wizard forgets Harry DID wait to make sure his uncle was ok. Even laughing when he saw him moving around. 🤷‍♂️

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