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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Review


In which I ramble on and mostly complain about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child despite really liking it!

I have refrained from watching other discussions of this book until I filmed my own thoughts (with the slight exception of Newyorkbookworm’s video, and any videos that mentioned the book in the video, but were not entirely focused on Harry Potter and the Cursed Child).

Now I can’t wait to watch everyone’s reviews and see what you all think!

Let’s be friends!

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  1. Patience is a virtue. 🙂 Good call on waiting on reading this before voicing your review. The fact that you still had a lot of the same takeaways as other people I respect leads me to believe it's a pretty legit critique. This is probably not going to be my introduction to JK's writing. (Even though she didn't write it) 😛 heh still haven't read any yet.

  2. I don't think I'm gonna go near this, to be honest. I'm going to stick with the original novels. CC just seems like a money spinner, and that makes me sad.

  3. Hey girl!! Loved this video!☺️ currently obsessed with your channel! You look so beautiful ✨ I liked this video! You deserve so much subscribers ? I also make videos,if you want to check them out! ??

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