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Harry Potter & The Cursed Child Book Review


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  1. If jk did not write it it is not Harry Potter but a fiction and it doesn’t fit it is pure stupid

  2. JK is really stupid I don't like her, first she turns Dumbledore gay which disappoints me a lot and then this come on, I mean she may be the writer of Harry Potter (I series which I love) but she is totally idiot

  3. your theory on the time turner is pathetic adn really how would they get back and all the time turners are different

  4. Harry in this is the kind of dad that'll say "hi hungry im dad" when his child says "im hungry"

  5. The play is even more fucked up then the story why tf is Hermione black 💀

  6. I would die wishing JK Rowling to rewrite the sequel (even change it's title) and also write a prequel about James Potter's life at Hogwarts and his friendship (the marauders) before Harry was born ect…..😢💓

  7. The title of this nasty book should have been Harry Potter and the 4th unforgivable Curse!! 😂😂

  8. How can Voldemort have a child when the whole reason Harry survived the books is because of love

  9. As much as I hate the story, it’s a completely different experience when you see it. It truly is like watching real magic and it’s really worth watching. But yeh, the story is wank

  10. Well if Ron learned parcel tongue from Harry why couldn't Harry learn it back from Ron

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