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Harry Potter vs. Creed Griffon


Have you ever heard of Creed Griffon? I can’t help but think that Creed Griffon could very well be the next Harry Potter. This fun to read series is definitely getting a lot of excellent reviews at Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble. If you take the time to read it yourself, you’ll quickly see that the author, C. L. Lewis, has cleverly taken you into the new wide world of Dendura. The Road To Dendura is the first book of The Creed Griffon Series. It’s no accident that the author’s name is nearly the same as the spelling of “C. S. Lewis.” She apparently has all the same talents, foresights, and potential to sweep you away into another world just as he did with The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. 

You see, I know that everybody is anxiously hunting for “The Next Harry Potter” and I do really believe that I’ve identified him. Now I’m passing this secret on to you. Creed Griffon is a clever young boy that doesn’t ask for much out of life. He is simply acting like most of us – making the very best of the existence he’s been dealt. The Road To Dendura is the next Harry Potter. He is daring, cunning, brave, he sticks to his close friends like glue, and he’s fighting a brand new edition of the “good vs. evil” fight. 

Most people agree that two tough things to believe about Harry Potter are: 

Number One: Why is Harry Potter always running? Yes, boy wonder, the chosen one – constantly running away from his enemies. Now, I’m a reasonable person and I love a good story as much as you. I can see why he would want to run away from Voldermort in the first movie. But why is he still running from rookie wizards (snatchers as they’re called) in The Deathly Hallows? Don’t worry Harry – keep running, Hermoione will save you. 

Two: Why does Harry Potter only get attacked at school or during the school season for the first four movies? The transition into the Wizarding world and our world is as simple as using Floo powder or a wall of bricks at the train station – so why doesn’t Voldermort come after Harry while he’s couped up on Privet Drive with the Dursley’s? Sorry, I just never liked that pattern about the movies. Sorry, but that kind of a pattern really sounds like an after school special when you look at it in that way. 

This seasoned author, C. L. Lewis, has really done a outstanding job with The Road to Dendura. Frankly speaking, Creed Griffon never gets a rest from the first time he gets chased – all the way through to the end of the book. He is constantly under attack. 

I first read about the Creed Griffon series when I was on Amazon.com. It sounded really unique however I waited to buy it until finally I had heard a number of credible evaluations about the series. 

The Creed Griffon Series was in the Young Adult Fiction class at Barnes and Noble. But I would tell you now that it is for little ones of all ages – from 9 to 99. My youngsters are 9 and 13, however they could both quickly relate to the struggles and issues that Creed Griffon had to experience for himself. If you search for Creed Griffon on your favorite search engine, you can go to the official Creed Griffon web site and examine actual excerpts from the book. Fundamentally, Creed is at a prepatory school in the center of nowhere and he and his best friend Burton Woods are only allowed to attend the Devonshire Academy simply because of the positions their mother’s hold at the school. One is a teacher and one works in the cafeteria. Regardless of their social and financial disadvantages, Creed and Burt soon understand the hard way that Creed and his Father (whom he always thought to have been dead) are really the high priests and creators of a secret world named “Dendura.” 

By Mayeski Granville

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