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The new animated pilot everyone is talking about – for good reasons, and for bad. But who cares! Only my opinion matters! And my opinion is that Angel Dust is mine, back off, hombre

note: my opinion does not actually matter

Watch Hazbin Hotel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zlmswo0S0e0&t=1s

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  1. I get it, Charlie didn’t make a deal with Alastor, I meant they made a deal in a very general sense of the word, stop cyberbullying me

  2. I saw this video 3 times by now, this tells a lot about my life and the stuff I like spending time on 🙂

  3. Finally, a good critique.

    Also, yes, Razzle and Dazzle SHOULD get more screen time! They're ABSOLUTELY adorable!

  4. Kinda annoys me that everyone calls Husk ‘Husker’ it’s clearly a nickname Alastor uses, as Husk probably wouldn’t take issue with people using his normal name (also his character card says Husk.)

  5. Techically… her father is Lucifer.
    Satan is is own being in Hazbin Hotel… which will be interesting to see how it works.

  6. I think the reason Angels almost look like demons is couse they come to hell so their look changes to something "scarier" . But thats just a theory of mine ..

  7. I agree that Razzle and Dazzle are adorable, also apparently Lucifer, Charlie's dad, gave them to her as her servants and bodyguards, and they apparently only speak in "ooh"s and "aah"s

  8. I liked Katie Killjoy but mostly in the "Awww she's such an aweful bitch, i love seeing her on screen because she's hilariously up front about it" that seems to apply to the shameless evil on screen.
    It's pretty obvious the denizens of hell are all douchebags anyway.

  9. Hey the mentioned "deal" is to shake hands with a dealmaker. This seals the 'deal' and form the "crazy voodoo strings." She didn't make a deal, she made an order as the princess of Hell. But she's too nice and he's too powerful to just say "for as long as I'd like" so she says "For as long as you like" instead.

  10. For Katie i really want to push her down a flight of stairs and have her neck fully crack in two ( which i think is most likely how she died after being exposed as a homophobe ) that is how much i hate her

  11. There's another youtuber, Wrath2501, said that Sir Pentious is gonna be the team rocket of Hazbin Hotel.

  12. wait you said charlie makes a deal with alistor she doesnt at least not in the full version

  13. Scrolled over the comments, got too bored to check if someone said this already, so I'll type it.
    About "dialing the graphics down" of the character designs.
    As Daft Pina already (slooowly) pointed out, the character designd aren't optimized for animation. As you can notice, some of the details for each character is sometimes dragged bouncily around in a "groggy" way that conflicts a bit with the fluidity of the animation.
    This is in and of itself, an issue with the character designs. They shine in a comic, but animation oftentimes has simplified character designs to make the jobs of the animators more streamlined while keeping costs down.
    Again, Daft Pina (slo o o o o o owly) pointed out ways for the characters' designs to be streamlined to improve animation.

    Personally, though, it's a pity that Vizviepop said the character designs have nothing to do with who the character was before dying. That's a waste of potential plot points and character depth, at least in my opinion.

    Great review, as usual.

  14. Not to be dramatic or anything but I would die for cherri bomb, nifty, razzle, and dazzle

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