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HD Movie / Video Playback on the Funbook Pro 10.1 inch Micromax Tablet – iGyaan


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  1. Hey bharat I found out thay most of the android devives do not .mkv video format anf some of them just play the video with no sound I tried almost all the video player apps out there but they were of no use plz tell a solution to play mkv format other than converting the file…. n plz also tell dat does gs3, onex, xperia s, and this funbookpro support full fledge mkv file format??

  2. TRY QQ Player on Android.I have recently downloaded a MKV movie and it does seem to work fine with QQ player on android.

  3. I too wanna go for this TAB but there are few things which are holding me back,1.as mentioned in the video the back and home button doesn't work smoothly. 2.Light reflection on screen 3.High end games doesn't play 4.Wifi connectivity issue.4.Fair sound quality on speakers etc which all are mentioned here.So I am gonna wait for the next full review on it and then will decide.Thanks.

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