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HEX Bug Scarab Insect Review!-Gadget/Toy reviews- The Gadget Reviewer


HEX Bug Scarab Insect Review!-Gadget/Toy reviews- The Gadget Reviewer

Hey guys it’s the Gadget Reviewer here with my first gadget reviewing video. In this video I review the first gadget in the HEX Bug insect collection, a collection of small robotic insects and other little creatures and things. The scarab hex bug I reviewed in this video was introduced into the market on 2011 so one of the newer design models.

Want to know a little more about HEX Bug

Watch my video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFbjxP8i_k4
Visit the Hex Bug Website: https://www.hexbug.com/

It’s worth while to check these gadgets out as they are great for a range of age groups and are educational toys but are also fun to play with and collect.

This is only one of many review videos coming soon. In my next video I will review either another HexBug nano or fire ant. Or I might review something different.

I feel that my video is a bit lengthy and gets a bit boring with the talking. Feel free to personal message me, email or comment on this or any other video making suggestions on how to improve the video and what you think needs more improvement. Give me some ideas telling me what I could change to keep you guys engaged and happy.

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A bit about HexBug

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Also Replacement batteries sold on sites like amazon, ebay, hexbug.com, trade me and many more sites depending on where you live.

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