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Hillbilly Heart by Billy Ray Cyrus


When Billy Ray Cyrus hit it big in the early 90s, I was going to college on the GI Bill. I loved the song “Some Gave All” and still do. I also enjoyed other songs on his first album, and even if “Achy Breaky Heart” was over played, I still liked it. But since then, I really hadn’t paid much attention to his career, other than to listen to “Some Gave All” now and then, and especially on Memorial Day. Obviously I knew of the Hanna Montana craze and had heard of his daughter Miley, but still didn’t know much else. So I decided to read “Hillbilly Heart,” the memoir of Billy Ray Cyrus, and I’m glad I did.

I enjoyed reading this book a lot. The stories were fun and it was written in an uplifting and encouraging way. It was a bit sanitized, and while Cyrus shared some of his trials and mistakes, I’m sure he left out quite a bit too. But that’s okay, what he did share was honest and reflects his journey and he by all means shares that he made his mistakes, but also paid his dues. Many may not know the work Billy Ray Cyrus put in before achieving his “overnight success.” The man has worked hard throughout his career and has tried to do what he felt was right for him and his family. He admits he made mistakes along the way, but he did his best. It was also interesting to read about how some of the songs he wrote came to him, as well as some of the interactions he had with other big names in the entertainment industry.

Some may not like some of the religious elements he brings to the book, and others may wish that he reflected more on his faith. I thought it was the right amount to illustrate the importance it has had in his life.

It’s an easy book to read. Very engaging, fun, and entertaining, but also motivating with a positive message. From this success story, you can learn to be persistent and never give up, as well as to be true to yourself and follow your heart. I even went out and picked up a couple of his CDs after finishing the book. If you like memoirs and are a fan of Billy Ray Cyrus, you will certainly enjoy this book. If you want to read and entertaining down to earth story of a country boy turned famous celebrity, you’ll also enjoy “Hillbilly Heart.”

By Alain Burrese

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