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Historic or old: The Arlington Hotel Review


Hotel Room review of the Historic Arlington Hotel in Downtown Hot Springs. It is important that you see and hear about how a hotel is before you stay. Anybody can write a comment, but not everybody wants to make a video of their stay. Please enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe, like, and comment.

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  1. I have stayed here several times over the years for family reunions and so the hotel has a special place in my heart….glad to see y'all gave it a kind review! Yes, it is OLD and not the most luxurious or super duper comfy in the world…but I love it, I like the historic value and have always had a great stay there! Food is good and I love that the swimming pool is built into the side of the mountain!!! Absolutely beautiful view, trees, downtown nightlife…..❤️❤️

  2. It was scary when I stayed on a note it sayed the hotel burned down and people died in there

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