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History of Midnight Ghost Shows – Monster Madness X movie review #29


This is one of my favorite Monster Madness installments this year, focusing on a somewhat forgotten era of LIVE horror fun that encompasses everything that is Halloween.

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  1. That ain't sexist. If we can't even reference the natural roles of the (two) genders, my god we're gone as a society.

  2. I have a theater where I live that is a one screen. Old theater that still has the stage just a screen dropped from the ceiling. And speakers were added back in the 1970s or so. The speakers have not been changed since then. It is a really old theater .

  3. Great video. One thing : attributing the death of a genre to the existence of strong unions is… ghastly.

  4. I have a small art theater in my town run by actual filmmakers and actors. I seriously would love to see if they'd recreate something like this one of these Halloweens.

  5. As a matter of fact, I don't have to imagine….
    I was lucky enough to be at an age to have ACTUALLY ATTENDED one of these 'Midnight Spook Shows'! It was me and a few of my cousins; I'm not sure of the date, but since I was born in 1969 (and I wasn't a teenager yet), it had to have been during the 70's. I'll never forget it: half of it was the feature film 'THE BLOB' and the later half was the Spook Show. They did the bit with 'LIVE SNAKES RELEASED IN THE THEATER!' (some hidden object moving along the floor and touching our ankles gimmick) and then actors in full well-done monster makeup interacting with the audience. The crowd ate it up with squeals, screams, and cheers – absolute pure pandemonium! I'll ALWAYS remember that…. my asshat cousins teased me about it for weeks! Hell, I never forgot that ear-worm Blob theme song & sang it as a kid, lol)
    Truly A Wonderful Unique Childhood Experience! 😀 <3 <3 <3

  6. My local theater in my hometown still has a stage, They still do plays and other performances on it.

  7. You won't be able to experience it 100% but Disney World has a nice pastiche, in The Land of Tomorrow there is a ride that is very much like this, with buzzers in the seats type stuff

  8. This is so cool! I never knew about this kind of stuff. Another item to put on my time machine bucket list.

  9. When i was a little boy my friend asked if i wanted to go with him and his parents to see bigfoot. Needless to say i was let down when i saw a big ass truck

  10. Awesome piece of history there. I’m really enjoying your film study related videos, where you are looking at older horror and sci fi with good use of your film knowledge and experience in your commentary. Thumbs up.

  11. My father was in The Spook Show Business and produced and directed the documentary on the spookshow business Spooks apapun with something strange video

  12. Part of what you're describing (the part that occurs in darkness) is what began in the 1700s as a "Phantasmagoria". Many of these took place in rooms built underground, to ensure complete darkness.

  13. We still use these methods with things like Rocky horror picture show and repo the generic opera. Any films that can be quickly adapted with screamer lines and modified for stage and screen work well

  14. I would love to bring back the tradition but with a more humorous edge alongside one-or-two good horror comedies to accompany the program. When (if ever) this pandemic ends, let me know if you'd like to start one up with me in the Los Angeles area.

  15. man imagine if they did this today with the insane budget hollywood has. like what if megatron and octimus prime left the screen and came out and fought on a stage near the screen? or maybe something easier to do such as star wars with luke and darth vader? that'd be awesome.

  16. Imagine a gorilla with a machete storms at you and you leave your shocked girlfriend behind and run for your life.

  17. It wasn’t “sexist”, it’s just how things were. It was how ppl wanted it back then. Men and women.

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