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Hollywood Films- Exciting the Youth


There are lots of films this year that Hollywood is going to give to the viewers. One of the most popular among these latest Hollywood movies is the “Phoebe in Wonderland” which is set to release on this coming 6th March. In this movie, Felicity Huffman and Elle Fanning stars as mother and daughter. It is basically a story of a troubled 9 year old girl who gets into an imaginary world when she has lots of problems living in the real world. Phoebe has some behavioural issues that steer her into trouble with her school principal, but she finds a good spirit in the drama teacher of the school. The teacher casts her in the lead role for Alice in Wonderland. Yet there are problems in her behaviour that can be full understood after watching this movie.

One of the most awaited among Upcoming Hollywood Movies is Sunshine Cleaning that stars Amy Adams and Emily Blunt. It will be released by the mid of March 2009. This film has been directed by Christine Jeffs. This is a fascinating story about a high school cheer leading captain who dated Rose Lorkowski ( Amy Adams ), finds herself a single mother working as a maid. Her sister ( Emily blunt ) Norah is still living at home with their dad Joe ( Alan Arkin ), a salesman in the movie. To provide better education to her son, Rose suggests Norah to go into the crime business with her to make some easy quick money. In no time, the girls get involved in lots of murders, suicides and so many other serious crimes. As they move up in this dirty business, the sisters find a true respect for each other and the closeness between them blossoms. By making their own improbable business, Rose and Norah experience temporary joy and happiness and they create a bright future for the entire Lorkowski family

One more among latest Hollywood movies is the ” Duplicity” that is set to release on coming 20th March 2009. This film stars Clive Owen and Julia Roberts in the lead. It is a very captivating story about CIA officer Claire Stenwick (Julia Roberts) and MI6 agent Ray Koval (Clive Owen) who leave government intelligence to take the benefit of the highly profitable cold war between two rival multinational corporations. Their mission is to secure the formula for a product that will bring a fortune to the company. Claire and Ray adopt this strategy to make some big cash and become more rich and famous people. Do they succeed in their policy?. Know it all by watching this most talked about movie that has been directed by the renowned director, Tony Gilroy .

So, if you want to watch Hollywood upcoming movies, just visit some sites that offer the information about these films and read the reviews to find out the best film for getting the complete entertainment and value for your money.

By Aradhana Gupta

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