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Hollywood Homicide — Movie Evaluation #JPMN


• Hollywood Homicide (2003) — Underrated procedural with silly conditions, six/10.

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This Ron Shelton motion comedy was an regrettable business disappointment when it was released in June of 2003, only earning back two-thirds of its $seventy five million dollar spending plan. The film’s inventive title sequence, a speedily-slash montage of Hollywood symptoms close to California is a specifically interesting way to open the photograph. Based mostly on author Robert Souza’s legitimate activities as a LAPD officer, this PG-thirteen rated film follows two murder detectives who investigate a quadruple murder whilst moonlighting in other fields. Harrison Ford and Josh Hartnett star in the buddy-cop adventure, the previous performing genuine-estate work on the side, and the latter doubles as a yoga instructor. At the same time operating two employment is an amusing ample principle, but it really is also a little bit concerning that Los Angeles’ best wouldn’t have the fiscal suggests to assistance them selves on a detective’s wage. That explained, Ford and Hartnett make an superb pair, and it really is their laid back banter and carefree attitudes that truly make this photograph work. When Hartnett confesses his need to stop the drive to grow to be an actor, Ford shrugs and replies, “You might be gay. I can offer with that.” The supporting forged meanwhile remarkably stacked, such as appearances by Bruce Greenwood, Lena Olin, Isaiah Washington, Keith David, Dwight Yoakam, Gladys Knight, and Martin Landau – who may well not all be at their finest, but they appear to be to be enjoying them selves. Cameo appearances by Eric Idle as a rowdy movie star, Lou Diamond Phillips as an undercover prostitute, and Smokey Robison as a cab driver are also really wonderful. While the main investigation story is relatively pedestrian, it really is the juxtaposition of the challenging-ass Ford in absurd conditions that would make for superb comedy. It can be unattainable not to chortle when he starts dry-humping the just one-way glass for the duration of an inside-affairs interview. Amusingly, Ford retains having genuine-estate cell phone phone calls during the film, even in the center of an enjoyable large-speed car or truck chase by the surface area streets of Beverly Hills, which finishes in a huge crash right out entrance of Mann’s Chinese Theater listed here. The absurdity reaches its zenith when Hartnett commandeers a minivan with the spouse and children nevertheless within, and an aggravated Ford borrows a pink bike from a little female. The 116-moment film truly drags for the duration of the center act however, especially as the narrative is juggling so many transferring pieces and people. But it luckily all focuses collectively for the duration of the motion-oriented climax. You can find very little specifically noteworthy about the tunes, editing, or cinematography, but they support the generation nicely ample. A fantastic send-up of Los Angles tradition that would make excellent use of its Hollywood areas – this is a quirky and exciting adventure with excellent actors. And fans of Harrison should really have no issue watching this just one at minimum the moment or twice. “Hollywood Homicide” is an underrated procedural with silly conditions – I considered it was a really Great film.

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  1. Final Harrison Ford review (for now!) … next up, we'll be reviewing Wesley Snipes films.

    Thanks for watching.

  2. I saw this movie on satellite a few days ago and after not having seen it for years still enjoyed it. This movie ages well and is always a good movie to catch on any night.  

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