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Hollywood Teen Out of Control


What is it about fame that causes young people to self destruct? Too many famous Hollywood families have suffered the deaths of their children as a result of excess. Excess attention simply because they are interesting to watch, because they are young, misbehave and get caught, or because they have famous parents. Strangely, their mistakes and failures seem to sickly satisfy the public, who compares their own lifestyles to that of the more privileged. If someone, who has everything in opportunity and possessions, ruins their chance at happiness, does that make the rest of us have more palatable existences?

I do not see these unfortunate children as the personification of "spoiled brats" but rather as children who have been denied the lessons of childhood. The important lessons that teach you when you hurt someone's feelings, break rules or take more than your share, there are severe consequences. However, not if you are a child star.

People still hang with you hoping for your glitter to rub off on them. Expensive lawyers save you from the worst consequences. And you can have all you want and more and more, regardless of what is good for you. When this undeveloped personality begins to drive, becomes sexual, drinks alcohol or uses drugs, the normal limits set by maturity are nonexistent. The child does not know when to stop until it is too late. Parents may not want to rock the boat holding the cash cow and so often they do not intervene. The kindest way to help these young people spiraling out of control may be to shun their movies, music or photos and give them time to gain maturity and learn lessons that may save their lives. One lesson may be that fame is less important than their health and the welfare of innocent bystanders.

By Molly Barrow

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