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Honda Civic 2017 hatchback review | Mat Watson Reviews


Honda has released the all-new Civic. The 10th generation model gets a fresh design inside and out, a stiffer, lighter chassis, more intricate suspension design and a pair of new petrol engines – all of which Honda believes will be enough to topple rivals like the Vauxhall Astra and Volkswagen Golf from the top of the class. But has the hard work paid off? Does it drive better than ever, or has the redesign come at the expense of comfort or practicality? I headed to the Civic’s world debut to find out.

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  1. Didn't Honda started to put back a knob for on/off and sound??? The tactile sound control is just stupid.

  2. A german newspaper tell "less Golf isn't possible". So I try the Civic and it's a really nice car. Good to drive, very nice interior. I like the new design ^^

  3. really want to get 1 but when is the diesel coming out . can't wait to see you review that.

  4. Hondafag will tell this design better than Golf.. let me tell you, this kinda design will be outdated in less than 1 year.. look at any kind of Golf version, each is evergreen

  5. I like the interior design but the exterior Overdesigned I would rather buy the sedan

  6. Was interested in buying this until I sat in the back. That bar is ridiculous. So little headroom, anyone over 5'7 will struggle back there.

  7. Believe me I have this car and it is much more beautiful live than in the images (although I also dont like the plastics behind).

  8. The front looks awesome, but the rest.. meh.
    People always say how boring the VW Golf looks, but I appreciate the simplicity of a Golf much more than a car that has been this overdone.

  9. I personally really love the design. It's not an expensive car, but it looks very expensive. The front and back looks very sexy to me.

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