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Honda CR-V SUV 2017 review | Mat Watson reviews


The Honda CR-V is the Japanese brand’s attempt at a large SUV. Can it justify its steep pricetag? Does it handle as well as its competitors? Can the CR-V be the ultimate car for back-seat passengers? Mat gives his full verdict on the CR-V, and takes a close-up look at the practicality, driving and all the clever little features designed to make this a great large family car in our 4k video review

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  1. 5:27 Correct me if I am wrong; however I am pretty sure that the mpg footage is from the Toyota RAV-4 and not the Honda CR-V. After all, this is a diesel press CUV and the revcounter seems to be calibrated for a petrol engine. So, can we see the actual mpg footage for this CUV?

    Also, like the way you are doing these reviews Mat and the carwow crew. They are useful and entertaining. Keep up the good work.

  2. Is it a Brexit effect that the new 2017 CR-V is hitting the British market later than in the rest of Europe?

  3. We have just bought this vehicle March 2017 new costing £37.600 with every extra available sensing etc etc. I have never had a Honda always M Class Toyota Audi but i have to tell the viewers it is without doubt the best built, best ride, best practicality its the 160 bhp 9 speed auto. It is incredible to drive does everything you could need….
    Unlike the reviewer it is an absolute doddle to work the touch screen sat nav phone etc not difficult at all..the keyless entry and memory seats are an absolute god send. The exon lights are incredible and when they light up the side of the road when you turn not a gimmick but very useful…If you are thinking of a Crossover this is the one its built better than all the other vehicles I have owned and whats more its a nice place to be in.

  4. I love my CRV, but why did they show the Rav 4s instruments when he was on about the fuel consumption been not good?

  5. What? did he say 9 speed gearbox? so no CVT, yes, I knew I got quite got predictions for car companies.

  6. I thought Honda was known for their Petrol engines and did you say the petrol was noisy…interesting.

  7. Ok this is the 2016 model when is the redesign model coming to Europe and will it have the 1.5 eathwings engine ?

  8. Anyone know how to mirror htc/Samsung android phone to the 2017 CRV SE Plus model? Does using a HDMI port work to mirror the phone?

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