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Redesigned for 2009, the Honda Pilot is a sensible a few-row SUV that slips a little bit within just its quite aggressive auto phase. Learn much more about the Honda Pilot and other SUVs on our web site: http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/autos/new-autos/suvs/index.htm?EXTKEY=I93YT01&CMP=OTC-YUTBE

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  1. why are these guys saying such shitty crap!!! What the hell ROAD NOISE i can barely hear a thing in that car!

  2. This is one of the worst review ever! It's Consumer Reports, though, sooo……
    They talk about interior noise…what the hell are they talking about? This is one of the quietest cars I've test driven before buying it! This also offers one of the largest 3rd row seat leg room out of most SUV's in this range! The Highlander never came close to competing when we tested them both. Nothing will change my mind. I love my 2011 Pilot! Consumer Reports truly does suck!

  3. @DaEverything highlanders are boring… but yes they are still well rounded.
    Go with a CX-9 or Traverse!

  4. my pilot makes no noise, i get 24 mpg, my brakes rock, mine is fast as hell and who cares about the buttons? The back seat in the pilot is better than any other suv that gets 24 mpgs, these idiots don't know what their talking about! In my opinion i think the video was a disapointment not the car.

  5. consumer report say shit all about japanese car but gota say gud thinz about american vechiles..i have 1996 toyota camry still running gud and perfect over 175000 miles on it..no problem runs like a champ still love it..

  6. I agree with all my fellow Honda lovers in here. I was an american car guy for a long time. Even after many disappointments I still was a fierce american car guy. One day I decided to give a try to Honda and until today I'm hooked up. That was love at first drive. But the best of that relationship is that even if I cheat or mistreat my beloved Honda she will always be there for me giving me love. I won't divorce her anytime soon.

  7. i will be planning to buy an EX-L or so in the future. i don't know what model though. need to pay off my college loan first

  8. I never really trusted Consumer reports anyways, way too pro-american. They should make it less obvious.

  9. Hate to ruin everybody;s buy jap but look at features and the japs have terrible road noise. Next time your trying to make a phone call on the highway in a Honda which I have owned so don't get me wrong but the noise is terrible no noise suppression. Yes it was a pilot not a civic…. So Pay 40 large for a car that is annoying??????? Are you really keepin it to outway the bad for the ???? reliabilty its moving parts it's going to break………….

  10. I have concluded that road noise on Honda is intentional. They create artificial limitations to make the Acura seem 'refined'.

  11. I know!! And it needs a freaking 14 speed transmission with supercar steering and styling.

  12. Consumer Reports have awful car reviews. Don't listen to them. They criticize EVERYTHING!

  13. I have a 2011 Touring model and I love it! It handles very smoothly and is spacious. I don't notice the road noise. The interior IS a little cheap I have to admit but other than that, no complaints. Honda is all I drive and will continue to despite what anyone says! I've been more than satisfied with this suv.

  14. Wow, this is the worst car review ever! This guy has no idea what he's talking about. I wonder if he has even compared similar segment vehicles from other companies.

  15. This guy who is commeting dont know what he talking… this is the worst suv i ever see.. but the old pilot is better . First of all you loose the money if you bought this car. the car having lot of mechanical problems also look at the body its very thin metal and plastic. The interior is cheap cloth and the rear glass loose at very early stage.people think this is a sturdy suv but its not……………..

  16. How do you deal with long braking?

    Don't drive so fast.
    Don't drive so close to the car in front of you.

  17. I just bought a used 2009 EX-L and love it too.  It seems that owners love the Pilot but reviewers don't.  Not sure why, maybe they are shooting it down for some political reasons.

  18. The 03-08 Pilot's are much much nicer. This one looks really cheap & odd looking. The new 2016 Pilot looks light years better!

  19. My 2011 Honda Pilot blew an engine after 45000 miles, and it was replaced under warranty with a remanufactured engine. I was told I was getting a new engine, but when the valve cover gaskets leaked after 2 months, I was told it was remanufactured. I have no faith in the vehicle, and American Honda will not help me. I am a LIFETIME Honda owner, and have had about 15 Honda's since 1983. Today, Loretta, the so-called customer service rep, hung up on me when I said I was recording our call for my records as well. Before she hung up, she told me that my request to get a new service warranty, on the car I have to buy to replace this lemon, was denied. After a two week delay in returning my call, that was all she could do. I asked for the info in writing, and she told me that I would need a court order to get it. Not exactly the care I would expect from a company like Honda. Today, I am posting here, and my social media campaign will end when i get the proper resolution, or someone at least treats this lifetime customer with dignity and respect.

  20. Forget it.  I'm not spending $40k for a car with road noise issues. I'm shocked that Honda continually has problems with this vehicle on road noise after all these years.

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