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Horary Examples – book review!


Based a lot on John Frawley’s system of horary analysis, this book is available from Kindle Unlimited (get a free trial). Overall I really like the book, but I think many of these should have been included in his Horary Textbook work.

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  1. Thanks so much for reviewing our book! One quick note – not all of the charts in this book are John's. The book is a collection of charts from 6 different astrologers, so John couldn't have included these charts in his Horary Textbook because the majority of the charts in this book aren't his – or if they were his, they were not done when he wrote the Textbook. The author of each write up is noted on that page, but please be sure to remember that while we were all students of his and so using his method, we all have slightly different voices and concerns and even application of the theories and rules John laid out in the Textbook.

    Based on your language throughout your review, it just sounded a lot like you thought all of the charts were John's. We all really appreciate you having a look at our book, but it seems worth mentioning that this book has 6 authors – and you'll find different writing styles and different thoughts if you go through the whole book.

    The idea was to give a book of worked examples across a wide variety of topics so that it can be a companion to The Horary Textbook and give readers and students of horary a better idea of how to actually apply a rule in real life.

    Again, thanks for having a look at it!

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