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Hori Fighting Commander Review for Xbox One/360/PC


This is my review of the Hori Fighting Commander for Xbox 360/One and PC. This is just about the best fighting accessory you can buy on the market as of now aside from getting an entire fight stick. It is very well build and has many features. If you are into fighting games as well as platforming games and games that require simple input, this fight pad is just for you! It also is available in a PS3/PS4/PC version if that is your preferred system.

Fight pad for Xbox/PC: https://www.amazon.com/HORI-Fighting-Commander-Officially-Licensed-Microsoft/dp/B01MSEPQ55/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1496848353&sr=8-1

Fight Pad for PlayStation/PC: https://www.amazon.com/HORI-Fighting-Commander-PlayStation-Officially-Licensed/dp/B01GVOFIAA/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1496848353&sr=8-2

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  1. Thanks I just order one today and trade it my arcade stick to Amazon. Could not do arcade stick cause hands hurt.

  2. I used this but
    The PS4 version. I just wish they make it more durable. Already broke one. Buttons membrane broke. And they don’t sale the parts to fix it. Ended up getting another one

  3. No Turbo/Rapid Fire function then its trash!

    I use the Hori Pad FPS Plus PS3/PS4 via the Titan Two on my Xbox One, its the best controller for all!

  4. Ok just curious. I recently bought one but I’m having trouble understanding the turbo function. So on the back of the instructions it says to hold and press the button you want to apply turbo to. So how can I skip from step1 to step3 where I can turn on turbo and turn it off without spamming it

  5. It’s also an amazing retro-style controller in general. It’s basically a Sega Genesis controller adapted for compatibility with modern games, after all.
    With Mayflash’s Magic-NS adapter, I’ve used it with a Nintendo Switch as well; Ultra Street Fighter II, of course, and trying Smash Ultimate with it is pretty interesting as well.

    I prefer the Xbox version because of the remapping; the PS version replaces it with a turbo button. Not every game lets you configure the controls, after all, and C/Z being RB/RT by default instead of LB/RB is a little odd. But I do have both in case I do need to use the right stick.

  6. Are you able to use your mic while you use the controller i want to buy one for mk11 but not sure i always play with people i talk to in party chat but i dont see a 3.5 mm port for mic ?

  7. Just got mine 2 days ago. I got it for MK11 and I don’t like the Dpad. The surface is rough and the dpad itself is stiff so I have to press down on it hard for certain inputs which causes some pain on my thumb. That’s the only problem I have with it. Everything else is amazing.

  8. hello i’m thinking of really getting a fighting pad but i need it to click the same way as the xbox one original controller dpad clicks, if it’s really soft like the ps4 dpad i wouldn’t want it, could you answer if this is the case for this fighting pad? thanks!

  9. I ordered this for mk11, but I also play Tekken and I use L3 and R3 buttons alot. Are they just not on this controller?

  10. Very good controller very bad ergonomically tho sore left thumb and right wrist after extedes use but that’s just me

  11. Also the benefit of it being wired is that it offers less input lag which is very crucial for fighting games

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