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Hot Pepper Board Game Review – Seafall


We wanted to try something different today, so we brough our buddy Ivan Van Norman from Geek and Sundry onto the show to review Seafall, a board game by Plaid Hat Games. Are we gonna do more board game reviews? Who knows. Let us know what you think of this one.


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  1. What's that? HPG is covering the only board game I've had on my horizion for the past few months? Awesome! Also, even though it's game I'm definitely interested in, I super like the change of pace and covering some more tabletop based stuff via the HPG "I'm sorry my body" format.

    Lastly, super kudos to Ivan for not falling into capsaicin induced swearing. I've no issue with swearing; just trying to applaud the focus/dedication to just staying on point and on the review. Bravo sir!

  2. After watching this video on a topic that I don't really have an interest in, I realized something.

    1-minute long ads would be fun if they were hot pepper reviews of ANYTHING. By the creators of the product, obviously.

  3. Oh neat, someone that's actually done the full 13 games from SeaFall. I thought the game looked really cool and I wanted it so bad at first, but after reading various reviews, I decided against it.

    Like, for many board games, the very first game of it you play isn't gonna be that good because you'll be figuring out how it functions, and often you may be lost and not sure what to do. Only in the second game is when the game starts to become super fun. That's normal.

    But for Seafall, supposedly it's well after 4 or 5 full games before the good parts start surfacing and the game starts becoming fun. If each game takes 2-3 hours to play, that's already a 10-15 hour investment before you can start having fun, and that's faaaaar too long for anybody.

    I think the legacy format has a lot of potential (as we've been shown with Pandemic Legacy), but it doesn't look to be too great when mixed with a big, heavy economics/adventure game.
    I'm excited to see designers try the legacy format in other game types, like 1 vs 4 cat and mouse games, team vs. team battle games, worker placement games, deck building, card drafting, or even something casual like social deduction or drawing.

  4. The Paranoia G&S was among greatest roleplay things I've ever seen. One of the items on my bucket list is to somehow get into a game hosted by the Hydra Lord. One can only dream.

  5. I love when good people I know get to work together 🙂 Great job Ivan and Hot Pepper Gaming!

  6. I thought that looked like Ivan! I had know idea he had a youtube channel but I remember him from the tbs show king of the nerds a few years ago, seems like an awesome guy.

  7. We play a couple legacy games, and this is on the list. Seems to be getting a lot of mixed reviews (though none as entertaining as this one!).

  8. A YouTube channel where people review things AND eat hot peppers?!?!? Why have I never heard of this?!?!?

  9. I'd say this game is balanced poorly tbh. It's a good/fun game, but man… some options of play are CLEARLY superior and the milestones cause a bit of snowbally aspects.

  10. Bwahahahahhaa, Ivan falling back on what he knows (creepy storytelling) to deal with the pepper xD

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