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Hotel Review – All Time Low at the Hampton Inn Merriam


This hotel used to be a fairly regular stop for me during my work travels. About a year ago they began renovating the property. For some reason, the renovation has been dragging on for ages and the quality of the hotel just took a nosedive. I was excusing some of the issues due to the circumstances but things just got worse with every visit. I decided to shoot a room review video knowing that I might not be staying here much longer, but what I found made this my last visit ever to the property.

I can’t believe the worst room I have ever been given was at a Hilton property. On the upside, they credited me some points and moved me to a slightly better room with a mattress that wasn’t soaked in pee…..

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  1. I am not a fan of this new design looking like something from IKEA. I mean it looks clean, modern and bright but it also looks empty and cold. I guess the issue is that they applied some type of global design but didn't apply it well to this older hotel so they missed all kinds of important things like the thermostat. You can't really expect the guest to deal with that mess up, they should just move the furniture around so everything works properly. That said, there is no excuse for the sloppy maintenance/cleanliness, that is just nasty.

  2. WTF….they should throw that horrible mattress out to the junkyard and get a new one. That's so unacceptable.

  3. I'm much more grossed out by the toilet seat than the bed. This place is being run by people who are half assing it. Still 4.1 stars on Google, though

  4. Such a disappointment. I stay in Hampton Inns a lot and they are usually very nice and a great, affordable hotel for families. This is definitely below standard. I hope you let national org know. That toilet seat is disgusting! -Henry

  5. The Elevator Channel: My name is Cynthia I been watching your video's ever since 2017 and I think you do a woundful job on them.💖💖💖

  6. I work for a doubletree by Hilton in Las Vegas and let me tell u THIS IS UNEXPECTABLE FOR A HILTON!!!!!!!! Hilton has this little saying, If you aren't happy, we will make it right. For a Hilton even if its Hampton (Hampton, Tru & Home2Suites is consider low quality hotels for hilton but you will still get the same Hilton Service) I am shocked and amazed to see this place looking like a Dump. I would get in contact with Hilton ASAP and voice your concern. They will make it right more then the hotel will

  7. Uh-oh! Looks like someone shitted the bed!!! Someone call Dan Bell and Rick Serra… We got "Another Dirty Room" for them to check out!

  8. i thoght hampton inn was a nice hotel!, but this room is oviesly discuting and disturbing!:(, good thing there was a sofa bed there for backup!

  9. Not sure if you're aware of this or not but most of the Hampton Inn locations are franchise I found this out the hard way

  10. Definitely a one star rating for this Hampton hotel. I wish I could give it negative stars but the bed and the bathroom were definitely gross and totally unacceptable. It would be a bed wetter's paradise if they stayed at that room.

  11. Hey Jacob Bachta. I have a question for you: If you do come back to Texas, would you check out the car washes in these towns: Canton, Grand Saline, Mabank, Quitman, Emory, Athens and Van? Thanks, Jehovah Harvey.

  12. If you think this is bad, you'll love the tropicana's west tower in Atlantic City. Their rooms are horrid according to what I've heard from guests at the hotel FRIRND

  13. At 8:35: Calcium deposits, from a continuous leak that isn't ever wiped up? Either way, the place looks seldom cleaned… Gross! :/

  14. I would be on the phone to Hilton Honors immediately if management did not do anything to rectify the situation. The last sketchy Hampton Inn we stayed in was pretty bad with rude front desk staff. Spoke with manager upon checkout, and he did the right thing-comped the night’s stay. Whether it is a Hampton Inn or a Waldorf Astoria, I prefer to sleep in my own bed in my RV,, but it is not always feasible to travel in the motorhome, especially to large cities.

  15. The elevator channel was in a hampton inn , banning California they was smoking weed next door

  16. @TheElevatorChannel No one didn’t pee on the mattress, it was soaked with coffee due to an accidental spill. They’re not supposed to be drinking coffee in bed when they wake up.

  17. For a Hampton Inn, this is UNNACCEPTABLE!!!! And I thought I was the only one who had a bad experience at a Hampton!!! (The one in Morehead City, NC)

  18. I work at a Hampton Inn….we, too, are renovating our rooms. 6 guys from another country. Work is sloppy. Keep in mind, about house keepers…( room attendants)…they are timed per room. and if you go overtime in a room, you are placed on the wall of shame, for being slow. Try cleaning 2 rooms, with 2 beds, and wiping everything down in 27 mins. It takes 10 min. per bed, to put the inserts into clean bedspread. very hard to do. so….be fair to room attendants. they bust their azz, to make little money, and find trashed rooms a lot, with no tips. and still, has to do it in 27 mins. They can't complain to corporate, but guest can….about how shitty housekeepers are treated. But, I too, would have been upset about that bed. But, it can't be seen by housekeepers because of mattress pads. Have a great stay, here at the Hampton.

  19. This is completely opinionated and I respect other's point of view on this, but personally speaking, I’m very biased towards Marriott. I feel like Hilton doesn’t always meet the standards the company is expected to have. They’re not providing a poor product and not all of their establishments are like this (some are magnificent and beautiful) but some are not great by any means.

    I stayed at a Hilton Garden Inn in Florence SC a few years back and was very underwhelmed with the place. A lot of wear and tear. There’s also a Hampton Inn not to far from me that recently got renovated but still doesn’t look great.

    And I can tell you for a fact, the Millennium Hilton in lower Manhattan, NYC is going down the wayside and in my opinion slowly becoming one of the worst full service properties in New York City. It has many issues and seems to keep on getting worse.

    Marriott on the other hand is consistency all the way and always up to snuff, and all older properties seem to be getting thorough renovations (at least all the ones I’ve visited). I’ve always had a pleasant experience with Marriott that either met or exceeded all expectations.

    So sorry you had such a rough experience here, this is inexcusable not just for a Hilton property, but any property. Even with renovations, this place doesn’t look visually appealing. I’m glad you aren’t staying here again, that bed was absolutely disgusting.

    As always though, your hotel review was great. Keep em’ coming and safe travels.

  20. They should have a mattress cover to protect the mattress too expensive not to take care of.

  21. Hilton has become disappointing for me. I have been avoiding their properties for a few years now. Kept giving them chances thinking it must have just been that one property, however it seems to be a thing now.

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