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Hotel Review- Barcelo, Ixtapa, Mexico (All-inclusive)


This is my first attempt at a hotel review. Please tell me what you think! Follow me on:

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  1. The best accomodations the Drug Cartels can buy.

    Good review. The text stays up a tad too short (had to stop video a few times), and as for the "Slob" Factor, just a tiny spruce-up would help presentation a LOT. I'm not talking many minutes, I mean 1 or 2, maybe 3.
    Good start!

  2. Good job with the hotel tour, please do more. Now for the hotel it really needs an update. The condo buildings need to get fixed up in the hall way there needs to be an elevator avalible for Travelers with small children, mental disablitlties and hotel carts(if they have them). I think the older mexico theam is great but they really need to update there technoligy, becuase it will eventually can cause major problems. On the positive side I think the pool was awsome!

  3. (part 2) The giant chess and game room was a great touch. The resturants looked good to! Its just mostley the condo buildings really need an update….

  4. @TheElevatorChannel- Are there any more Melia death traps as of now. Or are there anymore videos from the ME melia hotel. And is there a Melia in Ixtapia and can you get a video?(Sorry I LOVE watching Melia death traps!)

  5. @TheElevatorChannel- okay I just looked it up. There is a Melia there! Its called the Melia Azul Ixtapa. Did you know there's a Melia in Atlanta?

  6. @TheElevatorChannel- Oh ok! Well im sure whatever you put up is going to fine 🙂 Have fun and good luck. PS: I tried filming an elevator last Monday when I went to Keylime cove but my camera acted up! Oh well it was just a Schindler 330A(a very crappy one though…)

  7. @TheElevatorChannel- Also whats funny with this place(in my opinon) is the two free dinner things. At the all inclusive resort I was at you pay for everything except the gift shop ):. Do you pay for all the meals to after you get the two free dinners?

  8. @TheElevatorPlanet- And have you stayed at the Dorodo Pacifico hotel? ( one with the worst elevator in the world)

  9. esta pesimo este hotel sunscape esta mejor q ese ASI NI T DAN GANAS DE IR mejora tu calidad como en un hotel q se supone q es d lujo vas a encontrar toallas tiradas y calzones colgados asi ya ni m dieron ganas de ir

  10. Si mi saben mi hablen, el idiota que hizo este vídeo solo quiere hacer ver mal a este hermoso hotel, para empezar yo fui ahí 3 veces y en ninguna había ropa tirada en el piso, es un all-inclusive de calidad, tienen exelentes restaurantes y claro que tienen elevador y son panorámicos, el cuarto donde el estuvo son villas, y es una subseccion del hotel, para los que quieren tener una vista tropical,por si no saben barcelo es de las 25 cadenas de hoteles más grandes a nivel mundial

  11. El hotel es uno de los mejores yo acabo de ir el año pasado y esta súper mejor que otros. Hoteles más caros

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