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Hotel Review – Best Western Plus DFW Suites


Since I needed a place to stay during an overnight layover at the DFW airport, I picked this hotel because it was one of the cheapest options that included a free shuttle. With expectations like that, I was shocked at the high quality of the room I received. This was one of the nicest hotels I’ve stayed at in recent memory, and it was a huge departure from my last negative experience with the Best Western chain. This hotel was a very pleasant surprise. I hope you enjoy this detailed room tour!

TripAdvisor text review: http://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUserReviews-g56032-d73426-r261747129-BEST_WESTERN_PLUS_DFW_Airport_Suites-Irving_Texas.html#REVIEWS

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  1. Nice room. In December (2014) I stayed in another Best Western Suite. (Hope I have that footage, if not in the cloud)

  2. Hi I recently passed my drivers test and I was wondering if you could recommend my first car wash for me, thanks!

  3. Hi! I am a BIG fan of your channel keep up the good work! Love the Trip Reports!

  4. Holy crap. This is supposed to be a budget-minded hotel? Would could have called it a Hilton a fooled me.

  5. Now that's a hotel! Without a doubt, that has to be one of the best I've seen thus far!

  6. Great tour and great hotel for the price! 7:03 – it's probably a more modern looking place to put your luggage, compared to some of those dated looking luggage racks, just a guess (-:

  7. 2:25 those are the bathroom sink handles our small old crusty 1970s apartment uses! the apartment is in fine shape, just a couple of holes and stains and odorless mold & stuff like that! the sink handles really well! but it's a little loose! the shower is a little rusty, overall, it makes a great shower! but it does lose hot water! and eventually turns into pizza cold water! the lights work brighter than ever! except for the kitchen lights that broke a while ago! when they finally turned on, they were BRIGHTER than ever! the fridge works really well! I believe it's the original! because it's white and got those old manual refrigerator and freezer temperature and pressure adjustment rolls! it's even got an small indescandent lightbulb! the dishwasher works SERIOUSLY well! I believe it's the original too! it's white once again, and has a manual vertical sliding lock! it's still going strong! the laundry isn't so well, the door knob is BROKEN! it's junk! it does not even unlock sometimes! and sometimes, it just falls off! even worse about the laundry, it costs money to wash your clothes and takes a REALLY long time to finish! it takes like over 2 hours to finish! overall, ID give my apartment a rating of a 6-7 out of 10.

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