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Hotel Review – Club Quarters (River Hotel), Chicago


Here’s a tour of the hotel I stayed in during my August 2014 Chicago trip. Like most of my personal travel, I opted for this place because it was cheap. In fact, it was priced just a little above the heavy discount properties on this particular week (like the downtown Travelodge and Red Roof Inn). With that in mind, this wasn’t a bad room for the money. Clean and relatively comfortable. It was no-frills, but that’s to be expected. The biggest asset this room had going for it was the unbelievable view out front.

Is anyone more familiar with this property than I am? I couldn’t figure out what the relationship between the Club Quarters and the River Hotel was. Is it just a name? (“Club Quarters River Hotel”.) Is the hotel spit in two? The elevator banks would suggest this. I booked a room at the River Hotel (at a steep discount thanks to hotels.com), and my room had nothing but Club Quarters stuff in it. Did they downgrade me because I paid so little? I really couldn’t figure out what was going on here.

Club Quarters seems to be some sort of discount business hotel chain with a bunch of cool services for frequent travelers. Wish I had gotten some footage of the club level where a lot of these features were. It was really cool.

My TripAdvisor review: http://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUserReviews-g35805-d1477545-r223290717-Club_Quarters_Chicago_Wacker_at_Michigan-Chicago_Illinois.html
Photos from the trip: https://www.flickr.com/photos/missourisphotographer/sets/72157648386766889/
Trip report (footage of the trip up to Chicago): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXUVLTEgAfY

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  1. I can attest to anybody thinking of staying at the red roof iinn downtown DONT EVER GO THERE i got a sinus infection from the mold in the air conditioning unit and then got a tonsil absess from it and had to go to the hospital for surgery so stay here or the holiday inn off cumberland ave

  2. Standard USB output is 1amp and the Tablet I assume is the 2.1amp. Usually the 2.1amp is faster, but older iPhone's(4S and lower) will accept only the 1amp output.

  3. As an Australian, it was bizarre to hear you referring to those rather small spiders (at least for us) as "giant spiders'

  4. Drexel uses them and it is one of the few decent hotels in our hotels program. That's the extent that I know of them. Pretty good location in Center City.

  5. This property is magnificent. I love their energy saving ways, since every bit helps, and they REALLY out do themselves. As far as the ChargePort, standard is probably only 1 amp while tablet is 2.1 amps typically. I usually always choose the tablet, or 2.1 amp option because it will charge my phone 2x faster. 

  6. For looking outside of the room you were in, maybe you got lucky and got this room with the better view of the river or something.

  7. You were in chicago. What else did you film. Chicago is my number 1 elevator filming city even though i live in wisconsin. Let me know next time your thinking of going back. Id love to try to get together sometime. Since i may live in chicago in 4 to 5 years from now.

  8. Glad you canceled your original hot-wire burn out deal. This looks much better! 
    I'm also glad you didn't go for the Travelodge. That places looks shitty just walking past it. This looks great! Much better then the Sheraton across the river.(We got a great view but the room wasn't as good as this.) The Palmer House is another really nice hotel. (It's a bit expensive though.) Love the view from the room. (Except for the spiders.) No complaints here. 

  9. I went to Chicago and stayed on the 38th floor of the Swissotel and there were spiders all over the outside of my window!

  10. Was their a climate control for each room?? I assume their has to be one Didn't see the typical AC so I figure that their were ac/heat vents.Of course in this type of building they would have the vents for the ac/heat.

  11. I never heard of this hotel. sounds a lot like a business hotel. I like this hotel because it has a very nice touch. A lot of nice features and amenities. is it just in Chicago or is it nation wide?

  12. I've stayed here a few times. Rooms tend to be tiny, especially in the tower. Nice, clean, and modern though. Staff is great. Excellent downtown location-all sorts of stuff within walking distance

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