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Hotel Review – Days Inn Roanoke Civic Center


I had a less than positive experience here, which is why the room tour turned into a rant on housekeeping practices. Read my full review here (titled “Didn’t Expect Much, and Got Less”): http://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUserReviews-g58134-d110746-r172433029-Days_Inn_Roanoke_Civic_Center-Roanoke_Virginia.html#REVIEWS Follow me on:

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  1. The portion of the video regaling us with the tale of the "hairy" towel(s) gave me the shivers. Perhaps it wasn't intentional, but definitely cause for concern nonetheless. The room looks as though it stepped out of the mid-seventies and hasn't changed one iota (save for the choice of lighting) since.

  2. Ok, the Housekeeping coming and doing a crappy job in your room is pretty typical(The Housekeeping people at the Sheraton in Orlando barley ever came and when they did they did a pretty shitty job on the room) but the hair on the towel is crossing the line big time and I would have complained to the manager about that right away. That is downright Disgusting. . Someone could have gotten very sick from using those. And you don't even know what kind of hair it was, It could very well been hair from a rat. I would have left that place right away and stayed somewhere else because if there's hair on those towels then I wouldn't want to know whats on the bed. And those chairs just top it all off. The room is self wasn't bad but the cleanliness of the place just brings my review of this place way down.

  3. Maybe things got out of hand after the fire… But still get your act together people.
    Someone needs to call the health inspector  on this place. Disgusting.
    Oh and nice make shift courtyard..(sarcasim)

  4. You should have stayed in a better/more expensive hotel. This one looks extremely dated and possibly unsafe since part of the hotel burned down. Very odd and unfortunate to see a CRT TV in a hotel nowadays. They should rewire that light switch to the bathroom, one person could accidentally (or purposefully) turn the light off on someone taking a shower or using the restroom. Did you film a tour of the public areas (lobby and breakfast)? I too don't like it when the light and fan are on the same switch.

  5. I have stayed at many hotels and I have noticed that some properties charge a safe fee of usually $5 and if you don't mention it the next morning they keep that charge on it.

  6. I have found a way to remove those hangers. They are removable if you just look at it. Then push up and find the opening. But, don't know why anyone would want one as it's worthless if someone takes it.

  7. Stay AWAY from Days Inn … it's a 4th-reich front responsible for many, many 187's – cold cases that are part of "The Tisch purge".  The Tisch's own Loews, which owns CNA, which insured company-owned Days Inns.  And dozens, perhaps scores, perhaps 100's, maybe even 1000's of cold-cases are involved.  So, stay AWAY from Days Inn.

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