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Hotel Review – Econo Lodge Roanoke Civic Center


While the Econo Lodge in Roanoke may just seem like an average budget hotel, the customer service and cleanliness really won me over. This was my first time staying at a property where the owner/manager seemingly greets every guest personally (and it’s not just me–check the other TripAdvisor reviews). The owner is a very likable guy, and seems very ambitious about fixing up the property. While I got one of the more dated non-renovated rooms, the mattress was incredible, the shower was great, and the room was clean. With a price tag below $50, what more could you ask for? I’d highly recommend this property to anyone traveling to the Roanoke area on a budget, and I expect that once the renovations are completed, this property will be even more inviting.

TripAdvisor (text) review: http://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUserReviews-g58134-d110752-r264533007-Econo_Lodge_Civic_Center-Roanoke_Virginia.html
Roanoke 2015 Trip Report: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-HoJBKRgK0

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  1. Seems as though this room is very mucked trapped in a time loop somewhere between the mid-70s and the modern era. Peculiar anachronism.

  2. i stayed here in 2009 and the beds sucked really bad my back hurt when i woke up glad they are pitting in new mattresses i wonder if they got a new operator and he decided to overhaul it finally cause it looks the same as when i stayed here

  3. This place seems like it would be a great place to stay! I always love it when people who run places are vocal and understanding of their customers. If I am ever in this area, I will consider staying here! By the way, I love Andrew's haircut!

  4. when I saw that shower. it made me want to find that vintage pink ultra rare bathtub/shower mix with a jacuzzi, faucet diverter mounted to the side of the tub, and a glass sliding shower stall behind the diverter that my grandma has. it's got perfect pressure. and the tub is HUGE! there is literally a ton of space in there! more than enough for something like 20 skinny 13 year olds. or 9 queen size bootiful women.

  5. I sure am glad hotels have been getting rid of those old, crappy CRT TVs, i like to bring one of my video game consoles (preferably my slim PS2 because of how small and thin it is and it can play DVDs as well) with me when i travel for when i'm in my room with nothing else to do and it sure is very inconvenient when i find out my room only has those CRTs with only an RF coaxial input in the back which means i can't hook up my game console to the TV without hooking up a converter onto the back of it just so i can get it working, but thankfully hotels these days are getting much better at putting brand new HD flat-screens in their rooms! when i was vacationing in Anaheim last year and this summer i stayed at a Holiday Inn and then a SpringHill Suites Marriott (both near Disneyland) and they both had flat screen TVs that weren't more than 3-5 years old and had every input i could possibly need so i was able to hook up my game console with great ease!

  6. If I'm ever in the Roanoke area, this would be at the top of my list. Very nice looking. And the price is perfect.

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