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Hotel Review – Hilton Garden Inn Memphis Wolfchase Galleria


Out of all the hotels I’ve sampled in suburban Memphis, I think this Garden Inn has been my favorite. I’ve also grown an appreciation for Hilton’s online check in process which I demonstrate in this video. Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Great video as always! I love the way Hilton lets you pick the room from the app/website.

  2. You can set in your Hilton Honors preferences to always put you on a high floor, and away from the Elevator if you don't want to hear people going in and out of the elevator all night. When Hilton selects our room for us, it always is on the highest floor available and away from the elevator. We usually check to see, and sometimes pick what we think will be a better room, but they never try to stick us on the ground floor.

  3. I'm probably the only person that likes a simple clock/radio for entertainment. However, I will admit that little pilot program that Hilton is trying out with the "smart" TV's is a nice touch.

  4. The TV isn't a new thing with Marriott. When I did my review of one of their properties last year, it had this same format. That's how I had "Watch Me Suck at Bowling" playing on it, so I can show it working, and not worry about copyright.
    PS: Odd your video is pillarboxed. (5:3)

  5. Is always nice seeing Keurig machines instead of traditional coffee pots in hotels. You never know what people have done to those pots, and the only cleaning they get is an occasional rinse by the maids.

  6. I like the intro of driving to the hotel instead of starting in the room… may I suggest starting all hotel review videos this way?

  7. great review, solid property. i would say this is superior to marriott offerings, residence inn etc.

  8. It's nice you've been getting to stay in nicer and better hotels lately as I'm sure you can get better rest! That being said, the dumpy motel reviews are the most entertaining lol

  9. Hilton’s online check in feature is very cool. That’s the first time I’ve ever been able to choose my room! I stayed at a Hilton in Texas recently, and was able to snag a room on the 20th or so floor, I don’t really remember.

  10. Stellar review Jacob, you easily have what I believe are the best hotel reviews. Very detailed, honest, and professional, pointing out every important detail. I’m glad you demonstrated the online check in feature. Would have loved to see you demonstrate the room key on your phone, but perhaps next time.

    Overall this looks like a great place. Solid property and newer hotel technology being tested that I’d love to see in future Hilton’s. This hotel actually received the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence award for 2018.

    Keep up the great work man, looking forward to the next tour.

  11. Hilton is my go to brand now.. for a 120+ night a year traveler. Being Diamond actually has benefits.. like free breakfast at the Garden Inn saving $12 a night.

  12. I like the pick-your-room. I’ll actually check the orientation of the hotel and where the main streets are to optimize my location.

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