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Hotel Review – Home2 Suites, Frisco TX


Come along as I experience my first ever Home2 Suites, a popular newer brand launched by Hilton in 2011. I found a few issues just like any room, but I liked the property overall.

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  1. I have always been a fan of Home2 Suites ever since my first stay a year ago. Home2s more or less have the sofa bed that Hampton Inns sometimes lack (just because they are not a "Hampton Inn & Suites" property.) for about the same price. I have had issues though. My first Home2 was in Pigeon Forge. Problem 1 -> While checking in, our original room was not cleaned from the last guest and was placed on the "out of service list". We were bumped to another room, one of the few left of our type. While moving in, the power goes out for the whole district. The hotel went out of the way to buy everyone food while they waited for the power to come back. My second Home2 in Beaver Valley had no issues.

    While I do like Home2 Suites and their easy to navigate layouts and brand standardization (like Spin 2 Cycle), I do feel like a few things could be improved like breakfast. Then again I am used to Hamptons so what am I to say. I do like that most of these places have outdoor fire pits and places to relax. I was surprised to find out that they even offer 1 bedroom suites in some of there hotels. All Home2s allow pets which seems like a good competitor to Residence Inn/TownePlace in a way if you are looking for a cheaper place to stay while traveling with them. The DFW area has seen a lot of Home2s within the past year or so. I recall about 4 or 5 being built since last year. The one here is one of the earlier Home2s that opened in 2012

    Hilton has been doing a good job with their digital key, room selection, and mobile check-in. Older mag-strip locks are being replaced with new RFID ones with Bluetooth for digital key. Marriott is starting to the same but I still feel Hilton has a better approach. Hope you enjoyed your stay in DFW and great video as always!

  2. Right when I saw those curtains in between the bed and couch, it reminded me of a hospital room. As nice as the room goes, that lampshade is pretty sad looking.

  3. Wow very cool hotel room! I like the check in process, I have had to wait in line a number of times usually late at night too after a long drive for 8-10 hours all you want is to check in, very cool. I'll have to keep that in mind next time I book a room while traveling.

  4. Nice hotel, but doesn't make sense how a place like this doesn't have a stove….

  5. That must have been an older Home2, cause the ones I usually go to have USB Outlets everywhere. Good thing as well.

  6. After an incident at my friend house invoking paper and a gas stove (💥🔥), he practically lived in one of these for almost two years!

  7. I stayed in room 115 at the one near Fayette Mall in Lexington because I was doing construction on my house and the fumes were too strong to stay there, and I could bring my cat.

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